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Battlefield V is Battlefield 1, a World War I Epic Shooter

At the Dreamhack 2016, which is taking place in Austin, TX – Electronic Arts and DICE unveiled a trailer for Battlefield 1. The name of the game stands for World War I, where this epic shooter will take place. Perhaps the most underrepresented clash in the world of computer games, WWI gave birth to modern warfare. Battles were taking place not on a single battlefield, where two armies would stand one against another and shoot until one party won, but rather fight to the death regardless of time of day.

Watch this intensive trailer and see what are we talking about:

The Official Reveal Trailer shows battlefields in Europe and Africa, and who knows – EA probably won’t stay away from the controversies of WWI, such as Gallipoli, Armenian Genocide, usage of napalm and chemical weapons.  In any case, Battlefield I is bound to take on Call of Duty full force, which went the exact opposite way and moved the combat into space. Future vs. Retro, this Holiday Season is bound to raise a lot of sparks.

Battlefield I is coming out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 21st, 2016. The game is available for preorder today, but bear in mind that Electronic Arts jacked up the price to 79.99 in Euro, US Dollars etc.