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DOOM is Out, Quake or Wolfenstein to Come Next?

Following the successful launch of DOOM, idSoftware is working on increasing its headcount by 17 job positions in company headquarters in Dallas (Texas) and Frankfurt (Germany). All these jobs include specific level of experience of knowing idSoftware franchises such as DOOM, QUAKE and Enemy Territory.

Given the depth of their libraries, we’re not surprised to see a reboot of Quake and Wolfenstein. If ZeniMax Media is to rival Activision Blizzard and Electronic Arts, it has to build multiple development teams that can deliver the titles in an annual cycle. For example, Call of Duty is actually developed by three leading development teams (Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Treyarch), and a set of ‘helpers’ who develop code / levels / artwork, all in a bid to keep this $1.2-1.8 billion franchise going. A large portion of Activision Blizzard revenue comes from Call of Duty, and the company wants to keep its franchise going.

Same story is with Electronic Arts, who were surprised when Star Wars: Battlefront broke past 14 million in sales, and the uptake of season pass drove record revenues from a single title. The new world of Battlefront and Battlefield will go hand in hand as EA goes from strength to strength.

Enter ZeniMax Media. The company owns two confirmed billion dollar franchises (Bethesda: Fallout and The Elder Scrolls), and now owns idSoftware with its legendary DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein franchises. Getting into an annual cycle with five different franchises gives your development teams time to develop a cadence, but slips in shipping schedule can happen.

QuakeCon 2016 Logo

Given that E3 2016 is a month away, it will be interesting to see what ZeniMax plans to announce in Los Angeles. Somehow we believe idSoftware will be low-key, while the front stage will go to Bethesda. If idSoftware plans a major announcement this year we doubt it would happen before August 4-7th, with the 20th anniversary celebration of QuakeCon takes place.

If you would like to join idSoftware, take a look at job positions in Texas and Germany, all of which contain similar base descriptions plus job specifics. For example, this is an ad for a Lead Gameplay Programmer:

Division: id Software | Department: Programming | Location: Richardson, TX, US

id Software is looking for a Lead Programmer to work as part of a development team on legendary id game properties like DOOM and QUAKE, developing custom tools and technology for the game industry’s most advanced engine technology.


The Lead Programmer is responsible for the overall technical design, direction, and quality of the project. The Lead Programmer is responsible for leading and managing a team of programmers, either internally or externally, overseeing and evaluating schedules and priorities, proactively identifying problems and developing solutions that work well with the other development disciplines. The Lead Programmer must lead through experience, knowledge, example, using thoughtful evaluation of the project as a whole as well as critical evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of others on the team. Team leads must work closely together, exhibit exceptional communication and interpersonal skills, and take a unique pride of ownership in the game – demanding a high level of accountability from themselves and the others in their department.


  • 5 years of game industry experience
  • Expert C++ coding and systems design experience
  • Experience leading a project/team of multiple programmers (preferably 5 or more)
  • Excellent delegation skills and ability to empower others on the team
  • At least one shipped title where credited as a programmer
  • Excellent math skills
  • Self-motivated, but able to receive constructive feedback and integrate into work
  • Excellent team player with very strong work ethic and a collaborative/cooperative attitude
  • Passion for game development and game technology
  • An understanding of and appreciation for milestones, schedules, deadlines, and efficient game development processes
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills

Desired Skills and Education:

  • Experience with the idTech code base (QUAKE 3, DOOM 3, QUAKE 4, etc.)
  • First person shooter or other action shooter 
  • B.S. in computer science or equivalent study in related fields