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Nvidia Shield Update Adds 4K60, HDR Support – VR Next?

Nvidia SHIELD Android TV console is perhaps the best Android TV device on the market. Ever since its launch a year ago, this Tegra X1-based device gained over 10 upgrades with improvement in specifications and features. With the Google I/O 2016 conference taking place at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA, Nvidia wanted to make sure their announcements reflect on the strength of Android ecosystem and its capabilities.

The Software Upgrade 3.2 brings the support for High Dynamic Range (HDR) TV devices, which are coming to the market later this year. It also now supports YouTube 4K at 60 fps / Hz, which was not the case in the past. HDR is supported through Netflix HDR app and Nvidia’s own GameStream. For now, only computers equipped with the latest Pascal GPU (GeForce GTX 1070, GTX 1080) can support HDR gaming.  With Netflix, YouTube and VUDU, the number of streaming content applications is growing by the day. While not exposed in the update, Shield will keep on supporting KODI (ex-XMBC) for all those users that live in the areas where even a legitimate Netflix subscription does not allow you to access all the Netflix content, including in-house titles.

Nvidia Shield Console Android TV

Here’s a list of updates:

New Apps

  • Spotify (available now)
  • ESPN (available now)
  • Toon Goggles (available now)
  • STARZ (available now)
  • Watch ABC & ABC News
  • Freeform – Formerly ABC Family
  • Disney Channel
  • Disney Junior – XD, Nickelodeon
  • CNN
  • NPR News
  • MTV
  • Comedy Central
  • More 4K Content (SHIELD only)
  • VUDU (app launch coming exclusively on Android TV to SHIELD)
  • YouTube 4K60
  • Netflix HDR
  • GameStream HDR
    • Resident Evil 5 (native Android)
    • Shadwen (GeForce NOW)
    • Homefront: The Revolution (GeForce NOW)

This is not the end of the announcement, as Nvidia SHIELD Android TV console will support the upcoming Android N operating system. Android N will bring support for DVR and multi-screen viewing (Picture-in-Picture), allowing you to for example, watch Twitch and YouTube at the same time. You can also download games and apps while you watch video content.

Right now, Nvidia is including a $19.99 remote control for free with the purchase of either 16GB or 500GB Android TV ‘consoles’ on their own website. We also expect that the company will make an announcement in regards to VR in one of future updates.