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Live Surgery in 360 Degree Video Supercharges Education

Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality and 360-degree videos are starting to change the shape of education. Heavily backed startup 360fly teamed up with GIBLIB and LIVIT to deliver a medical-grade 360-degree camera which is broadcasting a select number of surgeries to invited audience.

Honor of performing the first 360-degree surgery went to Dr. Shirin Towfigh, a renowned hernia specialist from the Beverly Hills Hernia Center. The push for educating new generations with the most advanced medical procedures resulted in expensive, but very efficient industry which reduced the recovery rates from weeks to days and even hours. In order to expand the knowledge that enables quicker recovery and lower risk, Dr. Towfigh decided to show invited colleagues and residents, medical students and the like – how she performs surgeries in unprecedented quality. While the first operation was performed live in front of a select audience, the procedure is now available for all interested parties to see at the GIBLIB website.

“The all-seeing experience by 360fly is an amazing resource, allowing viewers to choose a variety of differing vantage points from which to view the procedure,” said Dr. Shirin Towfigh, founder of Beverly Hills Hernia Center. “360fly’s camera technology paired with GIBLIB’s one-of-a-kind digital platform for medical experts will serve as an invaluable platform for providing dynamic, interactive real-time access to educational lectures and surgical procedures.”

Dr. Shirin Towfigh

360fly produces a single 4K CMOS sensor based camera in a very compact form, with a spehrical lens on top of the device. The shape enabled Dr. Tomlin and her team to implement the camera in the OR, enabling them to perform at their best. Unlike traditional single POV (point-of-view) streaming from the operating room, using 360fly camera means that the viewer can scroll and pan around to select which part of the procedure they wish to watch.

We received statements from the CEO’s of GIBLIB and 360fly, which we are reproducing in verbatim form.

“The way people consume information is rapidly changing, and video is a clear frontrunner. It is our goal to partner with academic institutions and key medical opinion leaders to license their video content and distribute it digitally within the surgical, and broader medical, community,” said Brian Conyer, CEO of GIBLIB. “Our core product is video sharing, so partnering with 360fly and Livit made perfect sense for us, enabling us to provide a seamless content creation and sharing platform for real-time, interactive viewing experiences.”

“Our innovative single-lens technology opens the door for groundbreaking integration opportunities such as this first-of-its-kind live stream surgical procedure in our interactive 360-degree 4K video format,” said Peter Adderton, 360fly CEO. “Our partnership with GIBLIB and Livit is introducing an entirely new way for the medical industry to access a wider scale of exclusive and informative surgical procedures, educational lectures and other important medical events.”