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AMD Celebrates Vega 10 Rollout

AMD’s decision to rename and split the Northern Islands family into two is starting to unravel itself. Polaris 10 (Ellesmere) and 11 (Baffin) are coming to market as low-power mainstream cards – Radeon RX460 (Polaris 11), RX470, RX480 4GB and RX480 8GB (all Polaris 1o).

On the other side, Greenland i.e. Vega 10 will be the most advanced silicon AMD has ever produced. Featuring 14nm FinFET design by GlobalFoundries or Samsung, with SK.Hynix HBM2 memory modules on multi-chip-module, i.e. MCM (TSMC calls this CoWoS), Vega 10 is looking to offer equal or higher performance than the high-end GP100. You should expect the chip to land in between GP104 and GP100. Managing all that was the product of AMD’s Shanghai GPU design team.

Good news is that as of today, AMD is celebrating the end of actual hardware design and shipping the designs into the hands of in-house and 3rd party developers. In several posts on Twitter, Raja Koduri, Senior Vice President and General Manager for Radeon Technologies Group at AMD published pictures from the “Vega 10 Celebration Party”.

 It’s never been a better time to be a gamer. According to official sources at AMD, we should not expect to see Vega 10 GPU before first quarter of 2017. That information is contradicted by other sources close to the company, which claim AMD is working night and day of making a simultaneous launch of ZEN-based high-end CPU and Vega 10 GPU, where AMD could achieve platform leadership for the first time since 2006.

If AMD releases 8-core, 16-thread Summit Ridge SoC/APU and Vega 10 at the same time, we might see a heavy duty competition. Remember that both Intel and Nvidia wil have new platforms this fall – Intel is launching Kaby Lake processors, 200 Series chipset and Optane solid-state technology, Nvidia will launch GP100 and GP106 based GeForces covering the whole market (GTX 1050, GTX 1060, GTX 1060 Ti, GTX 1070, GTX 1080, GTX TITAN). Strong showing from AMD might turn the tide in Red team’s favour.

  • TheDizz

    That information is contradicted by other sources close to the company, which claim AMD is working night and day of making a simultaneous launch of ZEN-based high-end CPU and Vega 10 GPU

    @theovalich:disqus you mean like end of October? 😉

    • Yep. ZEN is out in the wild for quite some time (AM4 PGA design + SP3 LGA design for servers), and Vega 10 is also doing the rounds for the past two quarters. This story is about the final Vega 10 design being “signed off’ yesterday.

      • TheDizz

        That would imply the final rev spin for hitting (IP) initial production.

        • Pretty much. Now its time for binning and setting the initial clocks / finalizing the launch product lineup.

      • Dave

        Hi Theo. Can you elaborate some more on what it means to have the final designs being signed off on? Like, what will the other in-house and 3rd party developers now do with the hardware design? Just custom coolers?

        • TheDizz

          Final version of RTL after all the rev spins is synthesized to netlist and then to GDSII and sent to FAB for Initial Production (IP) this is the mass market revision of the chip.

  • I think I will go off what AMD say not what anonymous “sources close to AMD” say. Also, Summit Ridge is the CPU only for the FX line, not a SoC/APU.

    • Anonymous

      Summit Ridge is the first Zen chip. Server chips will follow shortly after (same die for the first ones) and the APU chip should come end of 2017

    • Summit Ridge is a 8-core/16-thread CPU with an integrated chipset without graphics. CPU – GPU + USB + GbE + PCIe + AC…

    • BaronMatrix

      Remember they have to share to same socket so you need to have a South Bridge on the chip… Or else they need one mobo with more PICe and USB, etc and one with less…

      I figure they will have 24-32 PCIe lanes on ALL Zen chips… Then you can hang everything off of that and still have 2 x8 ports or one x16… By the time Zen is ready NVMe should be cheap and the overall platform may be much better than the Intel described above…

      I’m curious as to what if any changes happened with MCMs with the new interconnect… It was super smart to move GPU and CPU processing closer together in the front end.. Now they can just share pointers…

      • I was just saying that there will not be a GPU on Summit Ridge. I was saying nothing about the chipset.

    • Alex Larsen

      Zen will be a SoC. You don’t have to have an APU for that label to be correct.

      • Information revealed so far is that there will be a desktop CPU series, an desktop/laptop APU series and a server CPU/APU series. THere has been no mention of a SoC.

  • Faux Grey

    Sounds fantastic.

    Too bad we have to wait how many months to get there.

    By that time I’m sure nvidia will have kicked themselves into gear after the 480 fiasco.

  • roger crouch

    “GP100 based” lol, another dumb website spewing idiocy. P100 is Tesla and Tesla only.
    It contains features and circuits which make it impossible for it to compete with even the GP104 in gaming performance. Cutting out 30% of a chip, converting it to GDDR5X 384bit bus and making it run primarily tuned for 32bit isn’t “based” it’s a completely different chip.

    hype hype hype hype hype from morons