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StarVR 5K Headset Launches with IMAX in Q4 2016

Acer, Starbreeze and IMAX recently announced the official rollout of the StarVR headset. This headset comes with the second highest resolution on the market (8.29 Million pixels from PIMAX is the record) but offers the highest optics characteristics on the market.

The resolution of 5120×1440 pixels amounts to 3.69 million pixels per eye, almost three times more than what HTC and Oculus offer today (2.84x more). When you pair this resolution with an 210 degree, ultra-wide field of view and other contemporary features you get what might be the best VR experience out of 2016 device range. The range and the levels of freedom are making VR experiences as real as you would live through them. Good example is Cockatoo Spritz, pretty much one of the best VR cinematography experiences out there, while The Living Dead VR experience puts you in a position of a person that cannot move their legs (you sit in a wheel chair), trying to fend off all the zombies.

The VR experiences are designed to last for 10 minutes, cost approximately $10 and immerse you in the 3D world using high end hardware. These experiences, and much more will become available to visitors of IMAX VR Experience centers, which are being opened in London, Los Angeles, New York and Shanghai. There are six locations planned for 2016, and an astounding number in 2017 and 2018. This is all a consequence of an “content immersion” strategy which is being brought forward by the movie studios.

Acer, who owns 40% of the StarVR joint-venture plans to roll out Acer StarVR capable computers and plans to use experience rooms as the demo platforms for VR machines coming out for this Holiday season. Overall, the StarVR ecosystem is looking quite healthy, as confirmed by partnerships with IMAX and Lionsgate Studios.

  • Mathias Johansson


    Where comes the 40% figure from?

    I thought it was 50/50 betweeen Acer and Starbreeze

  • hoohoo

    Nice, but the name is a bit unfortunate.
    StarVR -> Starver/starving/generally-unpleasant-feeling.

  • sukramko

    I disagree on optical view. If the PPI is lower then competion I would not care if FOV goes behind my head. The screen door effect needs to disappear which both oculus and vive has.
    My note 7 has less of screen door effect then those headsets because the PPI is higher.

    • Uncle

      PPI has only casual effect on SDE.
      2 things have direct effect on SDE:

      1. Screen type RGB vs PENTILE and screen filters
      2. Lenses and lens filters

      So ill give you example, Sonty PSVR has lower resolution than Vive and Oculus, but instead of cheap PENTILE AMOLED display it uses RGB OLED.
      Every reviewer said that it has MUCH lower SDE compared to others, almost unnoticeable actually and has zero god rays like Oculus gets from its Optics.

      If you go and watch Jumquisition review on youtube (hes is a rather popular and very direct game critique), he has Vive and got PSVR, shhe said that PSVR has a clearer image when compared between them.