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Are You Ready For Black Friday

Black Friday is the day that every shopping enthusiast is waiting for the whole year. Regardless of are you looking for a new gadget, computer component or a piece of fashion, Black Friday is the event to enjoy in. In fact, Black Friday even got copied in China with their “Singles Day” (does not relate to relationship status, it’s four ones in a row – 11.11.). If you are on a tight budget and want to buy something nice, then enjoy this article. Black Friday is now just a few hours away, and we will bring you few good deals that may interest you.


Amazon’s web portal is pushing their own wares with 50+ percent discounts on own Kindle tablets and Alexa assistant. True Black Friday deals are being pushed in waves, so a person should pay attention to Amazon 2016 Black Friday landing page.

Best Buy

Best Buy has numerous amount of gadgets, computers and accessories. Check their Black Friday landing page here. Sadly, Deadpool Blu-Ray is already sold out. 🙁


For years, Dell’s Black Friday deals do not mean getting rid of new hardware. Getting a discount in hundreds of dollars for brand new Alienware 13 / 15 / 17 with GeForce GTX 1060 and 1070 graphics cards is something every mobile gamer should consider. A 58% off or $2,200 discount on a 55″ 4K TV from LG is something to consider as well.


If you are into water-cooling this is a deal for you. EKWB is doing Seven Days Sale. Tuesday was water blocks day, and Wednesday was pump and reservoir day. Today you can get a deal on radiators and vents (EK-Vardar). I personally have all their products and I am still wowed every time I look at my PC. Tomorrow is not known what will be the item of the day, but I suggest it will feature some best sold items and/or Predator AIO. Saturday is all about the Fittings, and Sunday is for Accessories. EKWB will also feature surprise Cyber Monday. With this discounts on water-cooling you can save up to couple hundred bucks, if you are building custom loop of course. Be sure to also check this deal, you can do it here.


In the this section I would like to present you a few VR products, on a sale from Nov. 24th till Nov 28th. These products are featured in GearBest’s Black Friday deals. Buying something during this deal can bring you some extra gifts, you can read more about that here. Now first item is VR SKY CX-VR Android Headset. We did a first look article about it here, so we can’t really say nothing more about it. This headset is discounted from $130 to $93, so check it out.

Next items are VR Headsets for smartphones. Both Headsets are supporting 4.7-6.0 inch smartphones, and are fairly cheap due to around 60% discount. First one is VR Case RK3Plus, and the second one is VR SHINECON and the third one is Original Xiaomi VR Headset, and you can check them in the provided links.

There are much more headsets, and good deals in this section. The focus in the VR section is on Smartphone cases and High End, and pricy Headsets like Pico Neo DK, and some other devices that I excluded because they are not SteamVR and OpenVR compatible. You can also check other deals on GearBest’s Black Friday and find something else that may interest you. The choice is also big in Smartphone and Smartwatch division too.


It doesn’t matter where you live, MONOPRICE is one of those etailers that took the world by storm with own branded products at seemingly unbeatable prices. Their Black Friday brings cables such as HDMI 2.0 down to a single dollar (Previously $4.99). Still, probably the biggest steal are 4K TV’s, such as 60″ Vizio TV for just $800. 55 inch 4K TV will set you back for $499. This and many more… go to MONOPRICE Black Friday 2016 Landing Page.


If you are into VR games, than you don’t want to miss this. Project CARS is now 60% off on Steam, and Project CARS Game of the Year Edition is 72% off. If you are into cars, you can also find Dirt Rally 50% off. you can also find GTA, Just Cause, Far Cry, Batman and The Elder Scrolls Franchises all discounted 60-80%. You can also find popular games like Witcher 3, Rocket League, Metal Gear Solid, The Division, and more. Check out all games on sale by steam here.

Good luck with your shopping, and don’t spend all your money because Cyber Monday is near.