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Carrie Fisher and the Burden of Dreams

Carrie Fisher was an American actress, writer, producer, and humorist. She was born in Beverly hills, California on October 21, 1956. She left this world on December 27, 2016, after a massive heart attack during a flight from London to Los Angeles. She left behind family, friends and fans. Carrie portrayed Princess Leia in the Star Wars series.

Earlier in 2016, Carrie gave an interview for Rolling Stone, she said: “I didn’t really mean to be an actress. But if your second movie is Star Wars, you’re done. You’re gonna be pursuing that because otherwise it’ll pursue you.” There are theories about atomic wars dating thousands of years before Christ. Apparently and written evidence as well as areas in India that very reminiscent of today’s landscapes and processes in nature after atomic bombs. However, more or less an official history of the human race lasts for the past 200,000 years. While growing up, George Lucas and Steven Spielberg were immersed in theories of old, bringing a story to what might have happened on planet Earth in world long time ago. A lot of dawns, new opportunities.

Princess Leia legendary hairstyle

The struggle between good and evil, friendship, sacrifice, giving, adventure. From its beginnings, 1977 until today, the Star Wars series has influenced generations of people. Face and the way in which Carrie Fisher portrayed Princess Leia left an imprint on tens of millions of souls. History repeats itself and we as a group and individuals, are always blinded by some distinction. Now that Carrie is no longer in this world. Although we did not personally know her, all of us who have absorbed the Star Wars canon are touched. On the basic human issues as where from, where to and why, there is no consensus. Like dinosaurs, it will be some time before trace of Star Wars series get lost in history. But light, at least as an idea, remains.

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