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How to Really Improve Your Gaming Skills

At the risk of stating the obvious, the only way to improve your gaming skills is to play more games. Like riding a horse, or a bicycle, you get better with practice. Much the same is true with online gaming – whatever form it comes in. There are certain games that require skill and dexterity, and others that require a basic understanding of probability. First person shooter games such as Doom and BioShock Infinite require players to dodge enemy fire, while lining up the perfect kill shot. In all cases, mastery of a game requires practice. One of the best ways of acquiring the necessary skills to improve your game is video content. Online videos on YouTube are a great place to start. Strategy-based games featuring walk-throughs and guides are useful accoutrements. A little help goes a long way when you’re looking to improve your gaming skills.

Some folks say that there are two types of gamers: those who enjoy the game as a means of escapism and those who enjoy the games for the competitive edge they have over other players. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, then you know exactly how important skills are to your craft. Contrary to popular belief, knowledge and experience are not the same thing. If you’re playing a game like League of Legends, you know that knowledge does not translate into skill.

Fortunately, the more you read up about the game, the lore and the characters the better equipped you will be to understand what is needed. For example, you get insight into the abilities, skills and attributes that are required in specific situations. You will also know what weapons work best for you. Whether you’re into MMO games, or MMORPG, you need to boost your skills to advance to higher levels of the game.

Team Up to Fine Tune Your Skills

eSports or WSOP are not much different than other sports: you have to be at the peak of your mental and physical ability.

eSports or WSOP are not much different than other sports: you have to be at the peak of your mental and physical ability.

Oftentimes, the best tips you will ever get are from fellow players, not strategy guides. Players who have spent countless hours learning the ins and outs of their favourite online games are a far better resource than any generic YouTube video. It is certainly worthwhile joining a local poker club, chess club or World of Warcraft group to hone your skills. Players who practice a lot have a lot to share, and they are a really useful resource. Another great way to connect with fellow online gamers is to Meetup.com.

You can easily search for groups of like-minded players to join. A mentor is worth 100 books in terms of the experience he or she brings the table.  Watching live players in action is a terrific way to improve your gaming skills. If chess is your game, watch Garry Kasparov in action, and if boxing is your forte, Evander Holyfield, Lennox Lewis or Mike Tyson will provide plenty of excitement. For players with a penchant for card play, the World Series of Poker (WSOP) is a marvel to behold.

A Sharp Wit is Needed to Play Poker

In all cases, you will see how the pros react to high-pressure situations. In skill-based games like poker, the goal is to show no emotion. The eponymous Poker Face is used to conceal any hint of emotion that will give away the cards the players are holding. When you’re looking to perfect the psychological aspect of your gaming sessions, videos are plenty useful. According to those in the know, microexpressions are the most accurate representation of how a person is feeling. The most obvious microexpression is shock, and that’s precisely why poker players wear shades.

Some people are adept at reading body language, while others require tremendous coaching. One such way that players can learn how to improve the gaming skills is The Personalized Video. These videos are built around each player, and they take multiple demographics into account such as patterns of play, success, gender, nationality and so forth. By engaging players in an immersive way, they are more likely to enjoy the game. Personalized video has grown in leaps and bounds of late.

After moving to Las Vegas, Jonathan stepped up and brought eSports recognition into mainstream

After moving to Las Vegas, Jonathan stepped up and brought eSports recognition into mainstream

Whatever techniques you end up adopting, it is essential that you prime yourself to become the best player at your table, be that virtual wilderness you need to conquer, beat your opposition or train your strategy. Poker is a game of wit, skill and strategy. But, it is also a game of psychology. Your understanding of other players and the way they react under pressure is key to your success over the long-term. Knowledge, insight and finely-tuned poker skills mean the world of difference between a mediocre player and a poker star. There’s a reason why a multitude of professional eSports athletes chose to play a game which is not often referred to when talking about eSports. Jonathan “Fatal1ty” Wendel was the first eSports star that made a move into professional pool and poker series, and he’s not the last one.

Market Your Brand & Learn from the Errors of Your Ways

Not only are they fantastic marketing tools, but they offer real opportunities to learn the intricacies of the game. The social component of personalised videos is equally enticing; players can share videos via Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter, and the viral appeal of catchy videos is astonishing. Many players fail to heed the simplest advice of all: Take care of your body. This means that you should exercise regularly, eat healthily and sleep adequately. When you are playing video games, your mind and your body are engaged in an unnatural activity.

Intense focus and concentration for prolonged periods of time with little or no physical body movement is not a recipe for success. That’s why you should train your body, prepare your mind and be well-nourished during your gaming sessions. Any serious poker player will tell you how important exercise is in their daily regimen. Not only is mental acuity essential, physical health is an absolute must. With that in mind, you now have the requisite skills to boost your gaming prowess!