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Two key breakthroughs are enabling next-generation semiconductor future

“IBM, its Research Alliance partners GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Samsung, and equipment suppliers have developed an industry-first process to build silicon nanosheet transistors that will enable 5 nanometer (nm) chips. The details of the process will be presented at the 2017 Symposia on VLSI Technology and Circuits conference in Kyoto, Japan. In less than two years since developing a 7 nm test node chip with 20 billion transistors, scientists have paved the way for 30 billion switches on a fingernail-sized chip.”

“a team in the US has shown that this isn’t the case for metallic vanadium dioxide(VO2) – a material that’s already well known for its strange ability to switch from a see-through insulator to a conductive metal at the temperature of 67 degrees Celsius (152 degrees Fahrenheit).”

Best GPU for Mining i.e. Making Money? Click to find out

The Best GPU For Ethereum Mining – NVIDIA and AMD Tested

Apple announces new iMac Pro with up to 18-core Intel Xeon and AMD’s Radeon Vega Graphics

“Apple today announced a brand new tier of its all-in-one desktop called the iMac Pro. The new product, unveiled on stage at the company’s Worldwide Developers Conference in San Jose, is supposed to be a “the most powerful Mac ever,” according to the company.”

Noctua says “No” to RGB mania

“And pardon the headline pun, it is actually quite refreshing to see Noctua sticking to what they are really good at, designing extremely good heatsinks and fans. They have a couple of prototypes on display, as well as coolers for AMD Threadripper.”

New ultra-high resolution display from Samsung for upcoming VR headsets

“That resulted in a pixel density of 858 ppi, or around 3.5 times more pixels than the Oculus and Vive VR headsets. Also worth mentioning are 90Hz refresh rate and 100 nits brightness that will help people who feel sick or dizzy after using the VR headsets.”

Biggest hunt for electricity from the sea

“Huainan, a city in China’s Anhui province, is now home to the world’s largest floating solar panel plant. The facility is live and has been connected to the local power grid, providing an alternative source of energy for the region.”

Is VR market an echo of U.S.A. greatness?

According to a new report from Canalys, U.S. consumers accounted for 40 percent of the global VR market in the first quarter of 2017. Japan moved up to the number two spot with 14 percent.”

Apple pushes AI – who needs others when we can do it all alone

AI Police is Coming