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Oculus Rift VR and Touch Drops in Price by 33% to $399

Oculus announced probably the biggesr announcement of its “The Summer of Rift” event today, bringing the price of the Rift VR headset and Touch controllers to mere $399. To bring this into perspective, for the price of single HTC Vive VR package you can buy no less than two Oculus Rifts. There’s no doubt in our mind that Oculus is reacting to sales results, which sees both platforms lagging behind PlayStation VR, but also seeing that HTC Vive significantly outsells Rift – the difference was 2-to-1 in January 2017, and there’s no doubt the chasm increased.

Summer of Rift is all about celebrating the VR community and encouraging new people to get in the game. Today, we’re excited to announce that Rift + Touch are now available at $399 for a limited time. With its comfortable ergonomic design, high-quality lenses with a wide field of view, high-resolution OLED displays, and six degrees of freedom that let you move around and explore, Rift is VR at its finest. Combine that with Touch controllers, and you can see your own hands in virtual reality—grab and throw objects, cast spells, or paint and sculpt like the real thing. Plus, with a suite of experiences that promise action, adventure, mystery, and excitement, you’ll be transported to places you’ve never imagined.”

Still, as Oculus is moving away from ill-guided “walled garden” strategy and opening its platform to developers and markets, there’s no denying that Oculus Rift VR will give its users incredible experiences, sometimes with real world consequences as the now famous video:

The video spread through Facebook thanks to a good friend DJ Mosaken, whose original post got almost 53 million views. Given the number of titles available on Oculus Rift, the new deal represents a good way to build a consumer base, as the hardware demands dropped thanks to more powerful GPUs being available at rock bottom prices. Naturally, the biggest danger to this deal, and any other computer related is the fact that in order to get a VR capable system, you’ll have to resort to a branded system as prices of GPUs on the open market are crazy due to cryptocurrency bubble.