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Book publisher launches traditional book-VR combo for kids

Hollywood, California-based book publisher Quantum Storey announced this week that it has launched the world’s first virtual reality book series for children. Aimed at younger kids, their “Operation YOU” series combines traditional printed books with virtual reality. The books include access to a companion Android and iOS app, as well as Google Cardboard goggles.

The first title in the series, which is now available exclusively at Walmart, is entitled “Morning Nightmare.” It confronts the challenges children experience boarding school busses. According to the company, the VR app places children in the book’s environment in the first person, virtually transforming them into the book’s main character. Their stated goal is to help kids build life skills in a virtual environment, and thereby make better choices in the real world.

“We created a completely new and exciting way to experience traditional books by enabling readers the unprecedented ability to connect emotionally to the text and illustrations by transporting inside a virtual representation of the pages of a story, producing a visceral interaction,” said J. M. Haines, founder and CEO of The Quantum Storey Company and author of the Operation YOU series.

“Debuting with Walmart for the launch of Operation YOU, provides an incredible opportunity to introduce this next level of storytelling and consumer technology to children from all walks of life, bringing families of the new generation, together.”

The books are available at a USD $17.49 MSRP, with a $12.24 Walmart exclusive sell price.