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“High-touch” fashion industry sees advent of AR technologies

The traditionally “high-touch” fashion industry is among the latest to embrace augmented reality, with the advent of Code and Craft’s new AR Product Catalog tool. The mobile app, which utilizes Apple’s ARKit technology, allows fashion vendors to showcase their collections in an augmented reality environment.

The company says the technology allows them to replace the traditionally expensive sample interaction process with a “life-like 3D online showroom experience.”

Women’s apparel brand Maggy London International is the first to pilot the new technology. Notably, the AR experience of the product catalog is also integrated into their ERP system, which allows viewers to access key product information such as popularity and performance.

“Fashion is a high-touch industry and it is critical that the technology we use creates compelling experiences for our customers,” said, Jonathan Lefkowitz, COO of Maggy London International.

Using the AR product is intended to “stay ahead of the curve,” according to Lefkowitz. “We will ultimately reduce the cost of sales and shorten the sales cycle,” he concluded.

For their part, the developer aims to move the fashion industry away from its dominant “‘touch and feel’ mentality.”

“Combining mobile AR and our photorealistic scanning services, we empower our customers with the ability to digitally render life-like products on mobile devices from wherever they are,” said Gwan Yip, chief product officer and co-founder of Code and Craft.

“As larger companies invest in future solutions that allow people to ‘try on products,’ we are focused on delivering value today,” he said.