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CES: Rokid unveils AR glasses prototype

AI and robotics firm Rokid has unveiled a prototype of its planned augmented reality product, Rokid Glass, this week at CES.

The company, better known for its home assistant products (that bear similarities in looks and functionality to Amazon’s Alexa Dot and Google’s Home Mini), appears to be making its first foray into the augmented reality space.

Reportedly, the glasses will operate as a standalone headset, but also provide functionality to connect to smartphones or other devices via Bluetooth or WiFi to bolster processing power and network range.

The glasses run a variant of Android 6.0 — suggesting it may eventually leverage Google’s ARCore to build out a software base as the product heads towards commercialization later this year.

The current prototype offers a 35 degree field of view, but the company indicates this will eventually improve to 50 degrees. The glasses will apparently provide an AR view in only one lens.

It appears the best analogy to understand the product may be to compare it to an AR variant of Google Glass — e.g. intended for use throughout a user’s day rather than tethered to a standalone device akin to Microsoft’s HoloLens.