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Microsoft reportedly reorganizing mixed reality staff

Microsoft is reorganizing its Windows Mixed Reality team, including combining its Everyday Magic and Evoke Studios into a new organization, with resultant job cuts. The news was first reported earlier this week by industry analyst Brad Sams at

According to Sams, the changes will see the team that developed Paint 3D, Remix3D, Mixed Reality Viewer, and other mixed reality apps (Everyday Magic) merged with those responsible for the Photos and Videos app. Reportedly, the new team will be headed by Chris Pratley.

Pratley, who has worked for Microsoft since 1994, currently serves as the Corporate Vice President / Studio Manager responsible for Story Remix, a machine learning and AI-empowered app that creates stories from photos and videos. That app, which is expected to be released sometime this spring, is rumoured to include some mixed reality features.

Also according to Sams, Microsoft is reportedly creating a new studio focused on Mixed Reality in the Workplace.

It appears that although some staff have been moved from other projects to support development under that new umbrella, there will not be an impact on the release timeline for Redstone 4, the next major upgrade to Windows 10.