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Hot Wheels joins LEGO and other toys in Augmented Reality

At the 2018 Toy Fair, Mattel showed off a new augmented reality app that works with its Hot Wheels toys. Specifically, the application renders real-time 3D models of Hot Wheels Cities playsets when you aim your camera at their boxes in stores. The rendering shows the fully-assembled set, and you can even press a “Try Me!” button onscreen to send a virtual Hot Wheels car through the track.

Mattel says that they will be releasing this Hot Wheels AR app in Fall 2018. They aren’t the first toy company to use this idea, either: Lego debuted a similar in-store AR app in 2016. Meanwhile, Lego AR-Studio on iOS goes the next mile by offering a fully-interactive Lego set in AR- for free!

As augmented reality becomes more prominent, you can safely expect to see more applications like this. Stores like Target and IKEA have already integrated the new technology into their shopping experiences and other major retailers/brands are bound to follow.

In the meantime, feel free to comment below and let us know what your favorite implementation of AR from a retailer or a brand is.