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FlyView offers a flying VR tour of Paris

Have you ever wanted to fly with a jetpack? In those jetpack fantasies, have you ever thought about flying over Paris?

Source: FlyView

If this fairly specific fantasy appeals to you, you’re in luck. FlyView Paris is a tourist attraction in Paris, accessible from the Place de l’Opera in Downtown Paris. It’s a permanent attraction, boasting HTC Vive-powered helmets and jetpacks to fully simulate the flying experience. Once you hop onto the jetpacks, you’ll be able to look around in 360° for a full 13 minutes of actual, real-life footage taken from flying over Paris.

In addition to the 360° footage, the jetpack will move in accordance to the footage, creating a much more realistic VR “flight” experience than one could get from a stationary VR installation. On the FlyView site, this experience costs 15€ for a single person, as well as a limited-time 12.50€ family ticket until April 30th, 2018. As long as you’re booking at least a week in advance,  you shouldn’t have much trouble booking a session if you’re interested.

Even if you aren’t FlyView’s target audience, it is an interesting example of how VR is being used today. Many people just think “gaming” when it comes to VR, but in this case, VR is being used to enhance a local tourist attraction.

Comment below and let us know: have you seen anything else like this? What do you think of VR being used for tourist attractions?