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Oculus AR rumors abound, Rift gets Google Chrome support

Is Oculus AR just around the corner? The tech community thinks so.

Thanks to a small change to its Terms of Service on April 19th, many tech journalists are convinced that Oculus has an Augmented Reality-related surprise just around the corner. There are multiple stacks of compelling evidence. The one that raised alarm was the added mention of AR to Oculus’ updated documents, but since Oculus is owned by Facebook, it doesn’t stop there.

Initiatives like Facebook AR Studio show a clear interest in AR from the folks over at Facebook, and the close-knit nature of AR and VR technology makes Oculus a perfect fit. Prior to the Oculus Rift’s successful Kickstarter campaign, VR was dead in the water in mainstream consciousness: since the success of the DK1 and later the launch Rift, however, VR has grown more than ever.

With this documental update coming just a few weeks prior to the Facebook F8 Conference starting on May 1st and the existence of Oculus AR patents, we may very well see an official Oculus AR product in May.

In addition to the rumours and hype abound, there’s one more Oculus announcement to talk about it.

Google Chrome has recently added support for the Oculus Rift headset. This means that if you own an Oculus Rift you can browse the fully-fledged desktop version of Google Chrome in VR, and more comfortably access WebVR experiences.

To enable this feature, input “chrome://flags“ in Chrome’s URL bar and find “Oculus hardware support”. Keep in mind that this is still an experimental feature.