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The first VR Google Doodle, Back to the Moon, is here

Google Doodles have existed for a long time now, but just a few days ago, the very first VR Google Doodle is finally here. The Doodles serve to spice up Google’s main page every day, and in the past they’ve been quite innovative. As of May 3rd, virtual reality has come to Google Doodles.

The first VR Google Doodle: Back to the Moon

You can view the first Google Doodle with compatible devices. If you have a proper VR headset and want an even better experience, head here to download it for Android, iOS or HTC Vive.

Back to the Moon, in addition to being the first VR Google Doodle, is also a tribute to Georges Méliès, an accomplished French magician and director. The art and animation is a loving tribute to the man and his career, crafted by multiple teams at Google and the Cinémathèque Française team. If you want to learn more about Méliès, check out Vox’s piece on him.

What this means for us

If successful, this won’t just be the first VR Google Doodle: it will be the first of many.

Consider Google’s investment in VR and VR’s growing market – wouldn’t more Google Doodles like this one benefit both Google and the wider VR market? Even taken as a separate entity from Google Doodles, this is a glorious, two-minute animation viewable in VR – that is a massive achievement.