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Stories You Might’ve Missed: VR childbirth and Healthful Mind

This week, a lot of health-centric stories broke in the world of VR, including a story concerning VR childbirth. This is Stories You Might’ve Missed, and we’ll quickly summarize the two most strange, interesting VR stories that broke this week.

Birthual Reality brings VR childbirth to the masses

The aptly-named Birthual Reality is an application from Nordic insurance company Gjensidige Insurance. This VR experience is a 10-minute, 360-degree video showing off the events surrounding childbirth, including the actual childbirth. The purpose of this VR childbirth simulator is to help prepare parents for arguably the most important day of their lives, and if you’re interested in checking it out, we’ve embedded the video below.

If you’re interested, you can also click the CNET link below for more details on this story.

Source: CNET

Healthful Mind wants to relieve your pain through VR

From anesthetics to prescription painkillers, everyone is trying to find a way to relieve pain. Whether this is pain from a surgery, chronic pain, or pain from a recent injury, you can be sure that someone, somewhere is trying to fix it.

Meet Healthful Mind, a French VR project hoping to help relax patients and increase their pain tolerance using VR alone. By putting users into VR worlds where they play music, contemplate riddles, and paint pictures, Healthful Mind is hoping to lull users into a state of peace that makes mildly painful procedures, like getting stitches, easier to get through without using drugs.

While an ambitious project, it is one with precedent in the industry and considerable potential. Following a $20K price from an Australian university, Healthful Mind will soon be presenting their project to Microsoft. Click the link below if you’re interested in reading more.

Source: CNBC