About VR World

Launched in September 2014, VR World is an online digest devoted to news and analysis of the technology industry with a focus on hardware and software platforms for Augmented & Virtual Reality, Automotive, Consumer & Enterprise Electronics, and any new disruptions that drive the industry forward.

We provide our research, results, and opinions through VR World website, white papers, engagements at trade show, and on social network media. VR World drives new business collaboration & opportunities in the public and non-disclosed industry sphere. VR World achieves this success by cross-pollinating & bringing together different industry sectors in a common goal in order to achieve maximum return and drive market adoption for our partners.

VR World.com is owned by Mr. Theo Valich. VR World is operated by VR WORLD Limited.


Theo Valich, Co-Founder & Owner
Nebojsa Novakovic, Co-Founder
Jeannie Khoo Chin Lee, Corporate Secretary

Editor in Chief:

Theo Valich


George Clayton, Samantha Eldridge, Amanda Froelich, Bob Grim, Vanja Kljaic, Tomislav Pancirov, Kevin Parrish, Amelia Rose, Paul Selby

Office Locations:

VR World operates in Croatia, Singapore, and United States. You can contact us using theo (at) vrworld dot com.