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Halo: Reach Review

Before Master Chief saved Earth from the Covenant, there was Noble Team. Halo: Reach follows the exploits of Noble Team through the eyes of Noble Six, the team?s newest member. As you might have guessed, Halo: Reach is a prequel to the entire series and it is by far the most expansive and refined game in the series, one that fans will be playing for a long time to come. It takes the best features from throughout the series and makes them even better. Right off the bat, players will notice that Bungie has refined the menu system and made it much simpler to navigate.



Irrational Games Reaches for the Sky in Bioshock: Infinite

Defenestration has never looked so gorgeous. The debut teaser starts out underwater, from the view of the game?s main protagonist, Agent DeWitt. However, the illusion of an underwater setting is quickly wisped away as a huge mechanical golem (a reimagined Big Daddy) pulls him from an aquarium tank. Moments before the main character gets thrown out of the window, he catches a glimpse of the golem?s still-beating heart inside a jar in its chest. Before plummeting towards the ground, we get a slow motion view of Columbia, the new sky based city, and it looks amazing. A nice snapshot of Columbia. From there the trailer