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Intel Atom In Servers: Will It Be Enough To Compete With ARM?

Editor’s Note: This is the third article in our Atom S1200 coverage, following our launch story and the critical response from the founder of micro server business, SeaMicro (now a wholly-owned AMD subsidiary). We also have an interview coming with Mr. Andrew Feldman, ex-CEO of SeaMicro. For now, enjoy in the in-depth analysis from the feather of our semiconductor analyst, Mr. Ashraf Eassa. On 12/11, the head of Intel’s DCG group, Diane Bryant, publicly announced the Atom S1200 series processors, formerly codenamed "Centerton". This is a brand-new server-oriented system-on-chip that uses the 32nm "Saltwell" cores coupled with a single-channel DDR3 memory interface. The lowest TDP


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Nvidia as an Acquisition Target: Pros and Cons

Nvidia is one of the best-managed semiconductor firms in the industry today, as the firm?s pristine balance sheet ($3.43B in cash, negligible debt) attests to. The company has demonstrated a repeated ability to create and/or enter new markets, even when the odds are stacked very highly against them. The firm emerged as the leader of the brutal graphics competition back in the late 90?s and early 2000?s, pioneered and heavily evangelized the use of GPUs as floating point co-processing monsters, and has been aggressively pushing in the mobile system-on-chip space with its "Tegra" lineup. While the mobile phone chip space is dominated by Qualcomm, Nvidia?s


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Nvidia Earnings Deliver a Solid Quarter

Nvidia [NASDAQ:NVDA] announced its FQ3 2013 earnings results and managed to perform very well. In the earnings release and in the call, the company?s executives managed to add color to the strong execution as well as give a broader outlook on the viability of its business on a longer term basis. In this article, we take a closer look at the results and the call to try to construct a complete image of the company today and to try to get a sense of what it?ll look like going into the future. The ResultsNvidia executed on all cylinders in fiscal Q3. Revenue came in at