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Adobe Acrobat XI Review

Adobe Acrobat XI – Eleven Shades of Red Bureaucratic apparatus and Acrobat XI have two things in common, their appetite for paperwork and their fondness of color red. While Acrobat will never make red tape obsolete, it can add a nice bow to it and make the documents fly at speed of light. Vogons would approve. From A Mist Straight Into the Cloud For the average PDF-viewing user, Adobe Acrobat and its features and pricing, are probably difficult to understand. Graphic designers, on the other hand, understand it well. Adobe is blessed with at least two brands that are more recognizable than its own name:


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Review: Adobe CS6 Part II

1.0 The Video Production Suite Workflows that incorporate CS6 Master Collection applications differ not just in what they produce (print, video, web etc.), but also in the way they (are allowed to) grow. Applications like Photoshop can and will be used by people of various vocations, from photographers and painters to web artists. It is entirely possible to have workflows that incorporate many steps that use, say, Photoshop, Illustrator, or Acrobat Pro. In contrast, video editing tools of CS6 tend to have a certain position in video production workflows and are more specialized. This is why it would perhaps be unfair to look at C6?s


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Review: Adobe CS6 Part I

How can one review an ocean? How would one start, by going drop by drop? By beginning by defining its boundaries, various civilizations living on its shores, its flora and fauna, or winds and currents? Reviewing the Master Collection of Adobe’s Creative Suite is like reviewing an ocean. Adobe?s Creative Suite is widely used and has been an industry standard for the last eight years. Many minute as well as massive changes occurred during those years, but the essence, the core elements and concepts remain the same, and many of its features predate the Suite. CS features many newer versions of software applications that were


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ANALYSIS: Is Interplay Set To Lose The Fallout Lawsuit?

Interplay is not giving up on its best-selling franchise just yet, but the legal battle that started in 2009 might be soon over as Interplay continuously fails to produce substantial evidence that Fallout MMOG is indeed in the works. At the same time Bethesda fails to fully capitalize on the license as they are unable to decide on the direction the franchise should be taking. The original Fallout was released in 1997 and became an instant classic Maybe you heard of Interplay, a once-great computer game publishing company responsible for titles like Baldur?s Gate, Descent, Fallout and many others. I say "maybe" because not being