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Free Software More Secure than the Real World, Stallman Learns

THE OUTSPOKEN father of Free Software Foundation and GNU Richard Stallman, was mugged of all his important belongings last Friday after giving a talk at UBA Buenos Aires University, learning an important lesson on Basic travel security in the process… "Richard Stallman, father of the FSF, had his bag containing his laptop, medicine, money and passport stolen after his talk at the University of Buenos Aires on Friday, June 8" wrote local software developer Guillermo Rauch, creator of the Javascript lib that goes along well with Node.js adding that "anyone in the audience could walk up to him, exchange a few words, get a


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IBM Hands Over NetRexx, Human-Oriented Programming as Open Source

THE NETREXX language for the Java VM has been let go by IBM today to a third party, and it means one of Java´s hidden gems will surely go forth and multiply. NetRexx is the work of former IBMer Mike Cowlishaw (MFC hereinafter), and the last incarnation of the Rexx family of languages. It mixes the simplicity of the traditional "Rexx" scripting language -MFC´s first implementation-, with the multi-platform capabilities of  Java. Software created with NetRexx  run on top of the Java virtual machine on any capable OS without recompiling. Cowlishaw calls it in his seminal book TNL "a new human-oriented programming language", and once