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How Digital Signage Changes Retail Space

Since the mid-1990s when digital displays were first introduced, they have become a vital strategic asset for retailers and are now considered the most effective form of in-store promotion. However, the challenge for today?s retailers is the environment is constantly changing, and in-store displays can no longer be static. Intel Adidas cooperation resulted in a digital wall which is now being installed in numerous Adidas stores across the globe There are always new products, new specials to promote; and research shows the best location is where customers are making a decision to buy. This makes placement flexibility and fast response essential for motivating consumers and


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Using Professional Digital Content Developers Just Makes Sense

Where do you draw the line between DIY digital content creation and using the services of professional digital content developers? It really depends on how engaging you want your content to be and your budget. Today’s budget-conscious, understaffed businesses can purchase cost-effective all-in-one digital signage solutions that include solid-state hardware and software for creating, scheduling, updating and monitoring high-definition displays. Using templates and wizards, they can quickly create looping and multi-zoned displays and be assured that there won’t be any hardware/software compatibility issues. With the best turnkey solutions, the software can even automatically create the playlist file and bundle it with the selected content, ready to drop



Digital Signage Helps Retailers Level the Playing Field with Big Chain Stores


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How Digital Signage Dayparting Brings New Relevance to Advertisements

Digital signage is one of the most powerful communications tools available; but because today?s consumers are constantly bombarded with messages, they?ve become more discriminating about their exposure to commercial messages. They?re focused on what?s relevant to them at that particular point in time and will ignore displays that they perceive do not offer something they want or need. Digital signage dayparting provides the solution by sending the right message at the right time – automatically. It takes message relevance – the key to maximizing digital signage ROI, to a whole new level by empowering the user to display eye-catching messages that are both timely and informative for