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The Case Against Compelling Social Media Content

Wake up and smell the bandwidth America! People don’t want compelling content. If they did, newspapers, CNN, Newsweek and other "serious" media wouldn’t be in trouble. Who is prospering? Tabloids. Gossip rags. Adult pay-per-view. That’s who. Let’s be honest. If you were given the choice between, say, reading an in-depth analysis of municipal bonds in The Economist vs. reading the latest about Heidi Montag’s efforts to attain the perfect body, which would you choose? Yeah, right. We want our fluff! Let’s face it. After a hard day of filling cavities or preparing tax returns or dealing with angry customers who insist they really do wear



Social Networking 9.0 – Reboot (History of Social Networking)

Join us for a look at Social Networking and see how the present generation of Social Networking (8.0) is about to get a Reboot into a 9.0. We watch movies and hear the term REBOOT all the time these days. In the world of movies, a term "reboot" is used to spark interest in a dying or simply fledgling franchise. Examples are:   Star Trek – Reboot Harry Potter – Lives on in the stories between novels yet uncharted X-Men – First Class (which I think of more as a beginning than a reboot honestly) Batman, Superman, Spiderman  But Social Networks have gone through many reboots over the


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Cyberverse: Projects That Change the Digital Frontier Landscape

Last Sunday afternoon, I was sitting and pondered choices, direction, ideas and plan for the future, I am planning the next phase of a lunch, development of a site and people that will settle there to use it as a resource and realized my thoughts are less unique than the ones already asked. I watch just as much TV and Read just as many books as any other person of my culture (NONE if I can help it unless I can get it as a file) and realized that the Universe as we know it is not much different than the development of the word


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Life After Facebook and Twitter: The Future of Social Networking

The world we live in is fickle and its choices change as often as the direction of the wind. Where we are today is the result of a long chain of events. Some amazing, strange and yet addictive habits we all share as Social Beings. WE LOVE TO TALK and MEET PEOPLE 🙂 Like every generation had its way of communicating: Passing Notes in Class Meeting at the ?Local Hangout? Talking on the Telephone for hours OH wow.. something happened.. computers. Talk to you ONLINE Be in the CHAT ROOM later I will Page you I will Email you I will Tweet you We have