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HP and Hynix Team on Universal Memory?

HP Labs and Hynix Semiconductor, Inc. announced today that they have entered into a joint development agreement with the intent of bringing Memristor technology to market as a viable commercial memory product.  The new memory type called, ReRAM or Resistive Random Access Memory, has been the subject of much speculation and rumor since it was announced by HP in 2006. Although the deal is non-exclusive it comes as somewhat of a surprise that HP chose Hynix. The non-exclusive nature of the HP-Hynix deal enables future participation by other manufacturers required for commodity pricing and supply. According to R. Stanley Williams, director of HP Labs? Information


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Flash Summit 2010 – Newcomer Changes Everything?

Last year was a good year for SSD?s in the Server environment. Everything was coming up roses till it became clear that one company had been dissembling their capabilities to some rather large storage players. Things rapidly fell apart with many reputations irreparably tarnished. The market darlings turned into the shunned and avoided. Come forward one year and the situation has further deteriorated; a lengthening recession; Flash supply/price instability; declining duration values; has stalled any forward motivation in the adoption rate. There is one company happily advancing along their own Flash storage roadmap, Apple. Not showing, nor sharing their internal technology has worked well to