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ResMed S+: High Tech Help for Good Night’s Sleep

For over 25 years ResMed has been providing medical equipment for sleep-disorder breathing. They are clearly not a johnny-come-lately, jumping on the latest hi-tech bandwagon. This fall ResMed introduced the S+, a no-contact sleep tracking device developed for the consumer.  This differs greatly from wearables such as the Basis Peak and the Jawbone UP systems that promise to track sleep as well as steps, calories, and activity. The ResMed S+ uses a combination of respiratory and biomotion sensors that not only monitor your motion and breathing while you sleep, but the temperature, light and noise in your bedroom as well. In addition to the biomotion


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Kingston MobileLite Wireless Mobile G2: Review

Kingsont MobileLite Wireless Mobile G2

Kingston’s MobileLite Wireless Mobile G2 enables users to properly take their connected lives on the go and connect their mobile media devices together


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Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset Review

Kingston HyperX Cloud Gaming Headset

We take a look at Kingston’s White HyperX Cloud Gaming headset and evaluate whether it lives up to the HyperX gaming brand name and expectations.


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ecoATM Recycles Your Tech for Instant Cash

EcoATM Logo

At Pepcom’s event in San Francisco, we got to connect with our friends at ecoATM and talk at length about their kiosks and the challenges they face today


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One Ring and You’re on Candid Camera at Pepcom SF

Ring banner shot_980w

Ring is a unique smart home device that allows you to intelligently monitor who is at your door and to change the way we answer our door


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Strict FAA Stoops to Bless Drone Use for Making Movies

SnapRoll SUAS Drone Landing

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) continues their attempt to exert control over all airspace, all the time. They conceded, however still holding a stiff rein, when announcing they would allow seven movie companies to fly unmanned aerial systems (UAS), for filming motion pictures and television programming in US airspace. In a foiled attempt to regulate what goes on in our skies, this spring the FAA lost a decision by an NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) judge in FAA vs. Pirker. The judge decided the FAA had not properly filed regulations to control UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) – also called drones. The FAA was tripped up


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Imagination and Oracle Join Forces, Java Addresses the Internet of Things

Imagination Technologies

Oracle used the Imagination Summit 2014 in Santa Clara, California to announce their affiliation with Imagination Technologies of the UK. The collaboration is aimed at enhancing Java for embedded applications, including those used for the Internet of Things (IoT) and to optimize Java for the MIPS CPU architecture. The MIPS32 and MIPS64 systems will gain support through Oracle’s Java Development Kit (JDK) for developing, debugging, and monitoring Java applications. Developers can use Java in various applications including routers, wireless access points, residential gateways, networking equipment, and mobile devices. Krishna Yarlagadda, President of Imagination in North America, indicated that his company is extremely committed to growing the


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HP Moonshot Using ARM 64-bit SoC

Last week ARM invited a group of journalists and analysts to Austin Texas to hear about their server, mobile, and wearable developments. ARM and their partners presented in-depth explanations of their version of the ARM architecture. On the first day of the conference, HP’s Dwight Barron gave an overview of their Moonshot system.  They have been refining the specifications since its late 2009 inauguration. Moonshot’s design differs from the traditional servers which have been the general-purpose workhorses of the data center. These boxes have proved to be jacks-of-all-trades, able to run operations for organizations of every shape and size. They started with proprietary operating systems and a


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Cub Cadet?s Zero Emissions Riding Lawn Mower

Cub Cadet showed their award winning RZT-S ZERO, a fully-electric zero-turn riding mower with steering wheel control and four-wheel steering technology. The ZERO is an extension of Cub Cadet?s proven, award-winning line of zero-turn mowers. The ZERO is more about what you don?t get ? there is zero noise, zero gasoline or oil, zero gasoline emissions, and zero belts or filters to change. The Cub Cadet ZERO received honors at CES in the Eco Design and Sustainable Technologies category of its annual Innovations Design and Engineering Awards. This year?s other winners include Samsung Home Appliances, LG Electronics, Allure Energy, and SWITCH Lighting. The RZT ZERO


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NASA Reduces Greenhouse Gases With Electric Vehicles

NASA?s EV program exceeds anticipated results by reducing greenhouse gases beyond their expectations. A pilot program at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center has found that electric vehicles driven by employees are reducing greenhouse gas emissions at a much higher rate than expected. "The numbers are 10 times better than we thought we’d ever see," said Frank Kline with Kennedy’s Sustainability office. All federal agencies are under a presidential order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For NASA, the goal is a 12.3 percent reduction by 2020. The executive order includes a category that judges how much gas is emitted from sources that are not controlled by the agency.


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Sony Rumored to Be Selling Their VAIO PC Division

On Tuesday, rumors started popping up on the Internet that Sony Corp was selling its money-losing PC business to an investment fund and will focus on smartphones, according to a Japan-based report. Sony Corp stocks advanced the most in more than eight months in US trading after the Nikkei newspaper reported the company is in talks to sell its personal-computer business to Japan Industrial Partners (JIP), a Tokyo-based private equity firm specializing in business restructuring. On February 3, Sony denied a Nikkei report that it was discussing creating a venture for the PC unit with Lenovo Group. The new entity would continue to sell PCs


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iHealth Announces Two New Wearable Health Products

iHealth announced two new personal health care products at CES. Adam Lin, President of iHealth Lab said in their press release, ?These new products bring continuous vitals monitoring to a whole new level. We designed these products with the users in mind. They are ergonomically engineered to be comfortable and easy to use, while delivering robust, accurate measurements that can be easily shared with health care professionals using the latest wireless technology.? Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor iHealth unveiled the industry?s first 24 hour wearable blood pressure monitor that connects to a user?s mobile device via Bluetooth or a PC through a USB cable, for simplified


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Review: TYLT Energi+ Power Backpack Charges 3 Devices

We have had literally dozens of backpacks over the years and they were all very similar in design. Until TYLT?s Energi+ Backpack, which is being called the backpack of the future, was sent to us. At $199 it is price competitive to comparable battery-powered backpacks. With TYLT?s built-in rechargeable 10.4 amp hour lithium-ion battery pack you can charge three devices simultaneously. Admittedly, you can?t charge a laptop, but it easily handles smartphones, tablets, music players and anything else that charges via USB cables.This is a very high quality backpack. There is excellent padding, for even your heaviest items and a large internal storage compartment. The


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iHealth Shows Wireless Wearable Electrocardiogram (ECG)

At CES? Pepcom 2014, iHealth Labs showed their latest in wireless mobile enabled health products. iHealth claims that their wearable ECG that monitors heart activity continuously without the need for cumbersome wires or connections is a first. The electrodes and monitor are ergonomically designed into a single, lightweight unit that attaches directly to the user?s chest. It can easily be worn under clothing throughout the day or night. The data can be transferred directly to a user?s mobile device. The information is automatically pushed to the cloud where health care professionals can easily access it to check on your progress. The unit is very flexible making


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Cavium?s 64-bit Project Thunders into ARM?s TechCon 2013

During ARM’s TechCon 2013 in Santa Clara, we had a chance to meet with Cavium?s Director of Product Marketing, Rishi Chugh. Cavium was showing their Project Thunder ARMv8 processors, which are supported in Ubuntu 13.10 (Saucy Salamander), the latest release from Canonical. But, unfortunately their Project Thunder was only a simulator, not real silicon. ARM Cortex-A57 64-bit IP announced October 2012 Cavium is jumping into the ARMv8-based Project Thunder SoC (system-on-chip) family and targeting the cloud computing data centers. Cavium?s Project Thunder is a family of highly integrated, multi-core SoC processors that will incorporate highly optimized, full custom cores built from the ground up. They are based


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Editorial: Thoughts on NSA Spying on German Chancellor?s Mobile Phone

Photo source: dailydotcom If a country?s national leader uses that country?s normal mobile phone network and talks state secrets "in the clear," NSA and a lot of other countries will be listening in. How I learned about the limitations of mobile radio communications:When I was a manufacturer?s rep selling to public safety 9-1-1 dispatch centers, we had several lines of encrypted radios for both the base station and the hand-held field units. Most of local law enforcement has that kind of radio which works on encrypted radio channel frequencies as well as ‘plain old voice’ channels. When there is a bank robbery with hostages or


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Samsung Focuses on Design

Samsung is approaching design from the perspective of how users interact with their technology. As devices become thinner and lighter with more stunning displays, Samsung is concentrating more on building a meaningful relationship with technology. Samsung Design America, newly located in California?s Silicon Valley, is headed by Dennis Miloseski who told Katie Fehrenbacher and the audience at GigaOM Mobilize: ?We staff multiple disciplines across experience design, UI design all the way to industrial design and into engineering. We?re situated in San Francisco, ? because . It gives us a chance to work in completely new ways where we can co-create with companies that are in


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Qualcomm?s Rob Chandhok Talks Software, Hardware, and Wearables

Rob Chandhok, President of Qualcomm Interactive Platforms, sat down with Kevin Tofol of GigaOM to discuss the horizontal eco system for the Internet of Everything. He shed some light on AllJoyn and wearable computing such as Toq (pronounced ?talk?), Qualcomm?s new and different smartwatch. Qualcomm Interactive Platform Pres (left) talks with GigaOM Sr Writer Chandhok is very conversant in all things technical. In combination with his BS in electrical engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, he holds 22 patents in software technologies. He has been instrumental in many of Qualcomm?s projects and shared insights with attendees into the company?s philosophy. He told us that the purpose


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Roundup: Vendors Pitching their Wares on GigaOM

Prior to the opening of GigaOM Mobilize, vendors were scurrying to set up their booths. The event?s Headline Sponsor was Netbiscuits, followed by Prime Time Sponsors Synchronoss, Xively, Carriots, Salesforce, YP Local Ad Network, Qualcomm, ArcSoft, Ericsson, Accellion, Intel, Citrex and HP. Over 12 companies signed on as Showtime Sponsors, and 15 were listed as Partners. Vendors had a lot of work to do preparing their booths for the onslaught of attendees. We caught a feel for the showroom floor before it was ?ready for prime time?. ArcSoft caught our eye immediately located next to the larger-than-life wooden figures. The location of ArcSoft?s booth was easy


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Is Machine to Machine Internet the Future? GE Thinks So

William Ruh (Twitter), vice president of General Electric?s software and analytics center, heads a team that develops software that is changing the way we think about machines. GE works with industry to leverage mobile and big data on the production line. The software powers the Industrial Internet, a living network of intelligent machines and systems designed to advance industry and improve people?s lives. GE’s roadmap to Industrial Internet. Source: GE M2M (machine to machine) is important to enterprise. For example in the aviation industry it requires significant data to pinpoint specific devices so that preventative maintenance can take place at regularly scheduled intervals to take