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Universal Audio updates its UAD platform

Universal Audio announced an update to their UAD software platform with five new plug-ins / emulators of pro audio hardware, alongside with some major fixes for RTAS, AU and VST users. The very first update concerns UAD -2 for Pro Tools as it reduces the one time hardware I/O buffer size [previous hardware versions had the 2x limit]. This update also removes the Fairchild mono Audio Unit – you have to use the regular Fairchild instead. Bear this in mind when you are loading old projects where Fairchild is used. Furthermore, the driver writers made some major improvements to reduce the loads on various multi-processor



Sparkle launches a sound amplifying card

Besides sending out press releases in an interesting version of Chinglish [Unapproachable Cooling has to be one of my all-time favorites, Ed.], Sparkle Computer presented SFAUD2A1 during Computex Taipei 2009 tradeshow. Unlike a regular sound card, this simply-named card actually doesn’t create audio per se. Instead, the SFAUD2A1 card is a sound amplifying card, something we haven’t heard before in this form. Sparkle created a card that uses either a discrete, or more expected – motherboard-integrated audio chip such as RealTek’s ALC series – to clean up & amplify the signal going out to the speakers. This concept is interesting one indeed, but going through the specifications



The world of audio and light takes stage this week in Frankfurt

Prolight & Sound Show at Frankfurt Messe is known to professionals in audio and light business similar to CeBIT in IT. Our favorite part of the show is Concert Sound Arena. This place features three stages where different manufacturers have presentation of their audio solutions for concert halls and clubs in 20 minute rhythm. One of them is German manufacturer Coda with their LA8, compact, two-way full range line array module. Interesting thing about this product is patented 4-inch Neodymium Planar Wave Driver inside the box. We can’t wait to hear this little beast. Other presenters are K.M.E., TW Audio, Coda Audio, Metro Audio Systems


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INTRODUCING: Bright Audio Labs

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