Review: Wallace and Gromit sting the honey business

Folks from Telltale Games just released the first episode of their new game series based on Nick Park’s popular Wallace and Gromit characters. Wallace and Gromit’s Grand Adventures is a series of four downloadable episodic games that will be delivered monthly after buying the package for $29.95 at launch week and $34.95 later on. This is a price if you buy the game regardless of living in US, Europe, Timbuktu or wherever… unlike certain digital distributors that bleed their own customers. When you don’t like your mail, send the dog to read it… Games follow the adventures of absent-minded inventor Wallace and his clearly smarter


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MMO Industry or "The plague of NERFS"

In the massive multiplayer online gaming community there is nothing as hated but at the same time asked for as "nerfs". They have plagued MMOs [Massive Multiplayer Online] since they first appeared and continue to do so even to this day. It is said that online games have the tendency to bring out the worst qualities in people and nerfs are the perfect example of this. The story is always the same – one player class, ability or game feature becomes perceived as overpowered or game breaking from someone’s point of view and needs to be severely weakened. Pretty soon the rage caused by this