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Killer Software: Best New Thing in Internet Experience For Casual Users

Being online is increasingly becoming one of most prevalent functions of modern life. Every day we tweet, post statuses, watch videos and pictures, listen to music, watch series or movies, chat, game, pay bills, being paid and so on. Since the time of dial up modems, numerous companies tried and still are trying to improve the internet experience, and become able to satisfy your every need. One of such companies is Rivet Networks from Texas, and their Killer Networking technology. The company got acquired by Qualcomm and then spun off several years later, is now focusing on delivering the best experience not just for gamers,


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Linksys Kills Lag by Launching Killer Wireless Router for Gaming, VR

The quest for seamless wireless experience still represents a challenge for the network industry. Regardless of are we talking about smartphones, eSports, conventional multiplayer games or even VR, any network-induced lag breaks the user experience. In order to address the issue Linksys teamed with Rivet Networks to develop a Killer-powered wireless router, named WRT32X. If the name WRT sounds familiar, it’s no secret that this product shares the name with WRT54 series, one of most successful networking products of all times, still being sold today, 15 years after its introduction – thanks to Linksys making a decision to endorse support OpenWRT for the fans of


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Rivet Networks Launches Networking Software, Wi-Fi and 10 Gbps

AMD and Intel both came out with guns blazing at this year’s Computex Taipei. Core i9 and the X299 chipset is a reaction to AMD’s RYZEN THREADRIPPER (yes, it’s not written in all caps, but it looks better) and their X399 chipset. Yet, perhaps the most important thing for the PC of 2017/2018 isn’t the processor, but the fact that we’re finally getting Wi-Fi as a standard on PC motherboards (yes, only 14 years after Intel launched Centrino) and the proliferation of 5 and 10 Gigabit networking for the enthusiast and gaming market. Let’s face it, if you have a fast NVMe SSD storage, the best


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Thecus Can Do Better: N2560 NAS Review

Thecus is known for its performance oriented NAS devices, but the N2560 leaves us wanting more.


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Top Of Its Game: Netgear R7000 Nighthawk Review

With the introduction of the Wi-Fi ac standard and mainstream availability of the Wi-Fi ac modems in smartphones and current-generation notebooks, routers that provide bandwidth to handle 1 Gbit/sec Wi-Fi ac transfer rates have become standard. Vendors that manufacture modems for the routers have also been tweaking away to achieve higher bandwidth and more throughput. One such hardware manufacturer who has enjoyed a modicum of success in this segment is Broadcom, who recently unveiled its BCM4709A SoC, which is the hardware that powers Netgear’s R7000 Nighthawk, the manufacturer’s first offering in the Wi-Fi AC1900 segment. Hardware The R7000 Nighthawk features 600Mbps on the 2.4GHz band


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Asus RT-AC87U Review: The Best Asus Can Do?

Asus has enjoyed a lot of success in the high-end router market with the last two generations of the RT-AC series in the RT-AC66U and the RT-AC68U. This summer, the Taiwanese hardware vendor is taking things to another level with the launch of the RT-AC87U, which is the first 802.11ac “Wave 2” router in the world. Wave 2 is a new set of standards that are being implemented by vendors into the 802.11 ac standard that sees the addition of new features like MU-MIMO, four spatial streams, wider channels (up to 160 MHz). MU-MIMO functionality on the RT-AC87U is delivered through a Quantenna QSR1000 4×4 802.11ac