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Vorsteiner Launches Gold Plated Apple iPhone 6

The Vorsteiner GTRS4 fully customized golden Apple iPhone 6 by Gold & CO London showcasing a fully customized body and overall design.


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Asus’ Balls of Steel vs. Apple’s Golden MacBook and Watch

Asus gets aggressive in its marketing, and goes after Apple’s two new flagship products.


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Next iPhone May Feature Intel’s Blazing Fast XMM 7360 LTE Modem

Your next iPhone will come with an LTE modem manufactured by Intel.


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Apple’s Support For USB Type-C Shows it’s the Future of Connectivity

With serious vendor support from the PC side and full blown enthusiasm from Apple, USB Type-C is ready to take on everyone else.


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Pre-orders For The Apple Watch Start In April, Prices Start At $349

Apple calls it the most advanced timepiece ever created.


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Apple Spring Forward Event: Apple TV, CarPlay and Health

Apple TV, CarPlay, Apple Pay and Health all get highlighted during Apple’s Spring forward event.


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Apple Launches 12-inch Retina MacBook Air

Apple just reinvented the notebook with the new MacBook Air.


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Yet-To-Be Released Apple Watch Wins Design Award

Apple’s smartwatch picks up the iF International Forum Design award.


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Apple Building 100% Renewable Energy Powered Data Centers in Europe

Europe appeals to Apple as an NSA-free environment.


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Apple Patented a Smartphone-Based VR Headset — in 2008

Is Apple planning on launching a VR headset? Or is it just patent trolling?


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When Will Apple’s Growth Slow Down?

Apple Net Neutrality

Apple’s market cap hits the $710 billion, putting its value in the range of some G20 countries.


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Intel CFO: ‘Apple is a Great Partner of Ours’

Intel executives continue to hit back at rumors about an Apple-ARM partnership.


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Tablet Market Enters Its Maturity: Research

Research said that the total amount of global tablet shipments has slowed down.


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Apple and Acer Finish 2014 With Similar Amount of Shipments: Research

A latest research showed that Acer and Apple sold similar amount of laptops in 2014.


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Apple’s Q1 FY2015: Most Profitable Quarter in Corporate History

With record revenue and profits, impressive growth in China and an upcoming wearable device, Apple is in for a good start this FY2015.


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Apple is Not Going to Embrace ARM on Desktop

Intel boss dismisses claim by analyst that Apple would look to ARM for desktop chips in the future.


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CES to Stage Extreme Tech Challenge

Three winners from the Extreme Tech Challenge (XTC) will be chosen at CES 2015. All ten finalists will appear on stage at the Venetian in Las Vegas to vie for the opportunity to present their product later to Sir Richard Branson. Finalists have been helped towards their goal with a boost from such companies as Amazon who provides web service. Rackspace offers no-fee hosting. Back-up and recovery services come from Axcient.  Helpful tools were additional perks, such as app development from Progress and from Spotfire data analytics from TIBCO. Entrants came from more than 100 countries and were whittled down to the final ten. Only


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Hiku: Add it to Your Shopping Cart

Hiku scans, records, categorizes, locates, and marks your favorite items to make shopping a no-brainer. The handheld device scans bar codes on your favorite and incidental items. The item is then listed on a shopping list on your smartphone ready to take to the store. You can assign an item to any number of user-named lists – Safeway, Petsmart, RiteAid, GNC, and so forth. Head for the store, display your shopping list on your phone and proceed down the aisles. In this review, I’ll show you with pictures how easy it was to install,  learn, and use. I’ll also tell you what I did and


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Indiegogo Drone Project Raises Half A Million Dollars

Drones are all the rage and have caught the attention of the crowd-funding public. Ghost is one of the more successful projects on Indiegogo.


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Firefox to Make Its Way to iOS?

Mozilla hasn’t ported Firefox over to iOS because of disagreements with Apple. Now, it looks like that will change.