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SPEC Releases New Workstation Benchmark

SPECwpc V2.0 GUI

The Workstation Performance Characterization Group inside SPEC (Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation) launched a new workstation benchmark at the Supercomputing Conference (SC’15) held this week in Austin, TX. New SPECwpc V2.0 benchmark marks a new chapter for SPECwpc body, which creates professional benchmarks utilized by commercial entities and research institutes in order to find the ultimate hardware performance on a set of industry-standard benchmarks. Most of upgrades were focusing on changes going on with the PC architecture. According to SPECwpc, these are the upgrades inside the benchmark suite: Improved storage workloads that better reflect performance of NAND Flash devices for high-capacity data storage. Better scalability measurement for


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Intel Moves to Attack NVIDIA Quadro, AMD FirePro Market

Intel Xeon Phi "Knights Landing" Chip Package

At the recently held 2015 HotChips conference, Avinash Sodani (KNL Chief Architect, Senior Principal Engineer, Intel) gave a speech how Intel plans to expand the Xeon Phi product lineup from a server-only, PCIe card concept into three different packages, which would appeal to the workstation and server customers in different fields. On SC’15 Conference, which takes place in Austin, TX – Intel finally confirmed the strategy and is coming out with a workstation product that will feature a fully-enabled Knights Landing (KNL) Many-Core processor. In the first half of 2016, the company will ship Intel-built, Intel-branded workstation powered by self-booting Xeon Phi processor. The processor will be able to boot standard


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Cost of Meg Whitman: 88,300 Jobs Gone at HP

Margaret Cushing "Meg" Whitman, CEO HP Inc.

As the current Hewlett Packard management is proceeding with the company split into two divisions, a move started-and-stopped under the previous management, more jobs are getting cut as the company wants to ‘maximize the shareholder return’ and reduce glut which is somewhat inevitable in an organization that currently employs more than quarter of million people (September 2015: 302,000 employees worldwide). The company management lead by Margaret Cushing ‘Meg’ Whitman claims the latest round of cuts will reduce in a one-time charge of 2.7 billion USD, and produce annual savings in the same range. Two billion dollars are to be saved in the Enterprise division, while the ‘PCP’ division should save 700


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USA Embargo Cannot Stop China: Tianhe-2 Supercomputer Keeps #1


Couple of months ago, we exclusively reported that the U.S. government blocked Intel from selling its products to Chinese supercomputer firms such as Inspur, responsible for building the Tianhe-2 supercomputer. Originally, Tianhe-2 was planned to expand all the way to almost 100,000 Xeon processors and Xeon Phi co-processors, targeting to beat the 100 PFLOPS barrier. Initial deployment included 4,096 Chinese Galaxy FT-1500 processors (Chinese SPARC) and 16,000 processor nodes with two 12-core Xeon E2692 processors and three Xeon Phi 31S1P co-processors for a grand total of 3.12 million cores. Full installation of Tianhe-2 was scheduled to feature 48,000 processor nodes, or 9.93 million cores. However, those


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End of the Tick-Tock Strategy for Intel?

Intel's Tick Tock manufacturing cadence.

Given the slow disintegration or refocusing of its competitors, we were not all too surprised when Intel started to slow down its famous “Tick-Tock” manufacturing cadence. Originally introduced in 2006 with the “Conroe”, Core 2 Duo processors, Tick-Tock was mixed between a new microarchitecture and current manufacturing process (Tock), and a new process, die-shrink processor with some architectural optimizations (Tick). Further separation in Tick-Tock was a cadence between mainstream parts (desktop, mobile) and high-end parts (gaming, workstations) – Tick or Tock would always debut as mainstream parts, followed by high-end 6-12 months after. High end would typically mean Intel Xeon and Core i7 ‘X’ line-up.


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Facebook Bank: Introduces Micro Payments up to $10,000

US$50 Dollar Bill with Facebook Imposed.

If we remove the borders on this planet, the number of Facebook netizens would place it as the largest country in the world. With over 1.44 billion users, it is larger than China (1.39 billion) or India (1.25 billion). As the Facebook platform matured over time, the company added more and more features which are akin to living in a country. You have ability to communicate with your neighbors through all (digital) means – text, voice, video; attend sport events, watch movies (currently relying on link sharing) and voice out your opinions. The next step of maturing the platform was somewhat easy to predict, but hard


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ASUS Enterprise Road to Nowhere – Whither Taiwan IT Industry?

ASUS HQ in Beitou, suburb of Taipei, Taiwan.

Taiwan IT industry, for a long time the leading among all Asian nations in terms of hardware manufacturing, has had its ups and downs over the decades. Does anyone still remember FIC (First International Computer), once the world’s leading mainboard maker? Or Elitegroup as the close second, while today’s leaders, Gigabyte, ASUS and MSI were far behind? Not many do… The gigantic Formosa Plastics consortium, which owned FIC, continued down the road with VIA Technologies and HTC, showing their love for three lettered acronyms. While these two still survive, the twisted sense of marketing and PR in these companies – one of the stones around their


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Airbus to Start Manufacturing Electric Powered Planes in 2018

Airbus E-Fan concept aircrafts set to become a reality in 2018.

While the world’s attention to electric powered planes is being focused around quite a unique project, Solar Impulse and its Round The World project, Airbus is quietly preparing to make electric dreams a reality. While Solar Impulse RTW project is now hitting delays as the weather conditions are not allowing for the plane to travel from China to Hawaii, words come from Airbus that they will build a final assembly line for their Airbus E-Fan aircraft in Pau, France. This puts the manufacturing plan in close proximity to Daher, a design firm known for its disruptive innovations in the fields of surveillance, aviation and aerospace.


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Big Data in Planes: New P&W GTF Engine Telemetry to Generate 10GB/s

Pratt & Whitney GTF engine before its first flight.

P&W placed 5,000 sensors in its new GTF engine, expects to generate 12PB of streaming data each year. Big data is about to explode in airline industry.


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No More SeaMicro: AMD Exits the Microserver Business


Cash strapped AMD gets rid of SeaMicro microserver company.


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Nokia to Buy Alcatel-Lucent For $16.6 Billion

Nokia Rajeev Suri

Announcement comes after weeks of speculation and rumors.


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Uncle Sam Shocks Intel With a Ban on Xeon Supercomputers in China

China's Tianhe-2 supercomputer is world's fastest supercomputer, at 33 PFLOPS demonstrated and 55 PFLOPS theoretical performance.

Just as Intel’s (NASDAQ: INTC) CEO Brian Krzanich opens the regular staff meetings before a dramatically reduced IDF2015 Shenzhen conference, it is a good time to review how government and enterprises don’t see eye to eye when it comes to strategic business. Remember the Tianhe-2 machine at Guangzhou Supercomputer Center, the current World’s number one according to Top 500 Supercomputer list? Unlike some other China supercomputers – Tianhe-2 is fully Intel based machine,  the world’s largest assembly of Intel Xeon CPUs and Xeon Phi accelerators. Even after Intel ‘opened the kimono’ and gave a nearly 70%  discount on its processors and accelerators, it has given Intel, and therefore


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Intel Xeon D: Hitting the ARM Microserver Hopes?


Today, Intel (NASDAQ: INTC) is announcing its first Broadwell-based Xeon processor. It isn’t the mainstream E3 series derived from desktop chips, nor the high end E5 either — both of those will wait for later in the year. The new Xeon D goes for the upper end of the nascent microserver market, as well as for the dedicated storage and network appliances — exactly the focus of the current ARM server campaign. Microservers were chosen by ARM (LON: ARM) as, compared to the bigger server iron, they mostly rely on open source Web 2.0 stack, while the storage and network devices usually run specific applications.


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MWC 2015: Airvana OneCell Enables Stronger Indoor LTE

Airvana onecell device

Lauded as one of the most innovative breakthrough technologies at MWC 2015, Airvana’s cloud RAN OneCell technology is a plug-and-play supercell for improving indoor LTE coverage.


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Apple Building 100% Renewable Energy Powered Data Centers in Europe


Europe appeals to Apple as an NSA-free environment.


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Infosys Banks on AI with Acquisition of Enterprise Automation Startup Panaya


Business consulting firm Infosys is keen on incorporating more automation and possibly AI into its services with acquisition of US startup Panaya.


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Google Taiwan Lanches “Digital Mars Initiative”

Google台灣總經理陳俊廷宣布在台推出  =?UTF-8?B?5Lqe5aSq5Y2A6aaW5YCL5aSn6KaP5qih5bm05bqm5Lq65omN5Z 56IKy5rS75YuV77yN44CMIEdvb2ds?= e 數位火星計劃」

Google Taiwan launched a program to help and train Taiwanese young talents for marketing.


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Year-End Thoughts: Intel Goes High-End in 2015?


Intel is still the leader, but ARM is there the bottom, and Chinese IBM at the top…


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Koss Headphones Pro4S: Monitoring With Class


We review Koss Headphones’ Pro4S, and see if these studio/reference headphones hold their own compared to current industry standards.


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TGI Fridays' Mistletoe Drone Stunt Ends The Obvious Way

TGI Fridays' Mistletoe Drone - 6

The “Mobile Mistletoe” drones TGI Fridays was using for its seasonal promotion ended up taking the tip off of a photographer’s nose and a slice on the chin.