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UPDATED: Folding@home: ATI Radeon HD 5870 is as slow as 4870!

Besides PeakStream [now owned by Google], Folding@home was the first app supported by ATI under its Stream initiative, and FireStream GPGPU card [back in 2006]. However, as the time went by, the performance of ATI boards in Folding@home remained on the same level – a mediocre one, when compared to nVidia hardware. So, what happened? nVidia didn’t support Folding@home until the GeForce GTX 280 didn’t came out and then it was a CUDA-fest of yielding high awarding packets, while ATI Radeon 3000 and 4000 series stayed in doldrums, achieving around 3000 PPD [points per day] for the Radeon 4850, 4870 and 4870X2. There were tricks


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Dubrovnik: Building a 3D city in a day from 58,000 pictures on Flickr

Researchers from Computer Science & Engineering department at University of Washington created a fascinating computing project: building 3D cities from images on Flickr. The project’s name is Community Photo Collections and it gained a lot of fans in the industry, including Microsoft and its PhotoSynth project. But even with commercial applications appearing on the map, researchers from the GRAIL Lab are continuing with their "Build a Rome in a Day" project. Long story short, this project takes large photo databases such as one on Flickr service and calculates common points inside those pictures. After the computation is done, an object or the complete city is


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UPDATED: ATI 4800 series rules in Milkyway@Home

Following our Interview with Gipsel of the Planet 3D Now! Team, we now want to provide you with the raw numbers we got from running the Milkyway@Home Project. This time, comparing the original client that comes from the MW@Home server with the freely available optimized clients from Gipsel. He did not only optimize the plain x87 client, but also compiled it for SSE, SSE2 up to SSE4.2. Even if there is no performance after SSE2, we ran them all in our lab. Of course we also ran the GPU client. Gipsel has just recently released version 0.19e which is multi-gpu capable and more easy on


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Interview: Milkyway@Home meets the power of Graphics

We are currently faced with too many questions and everybody from the scientific community to us, regular people, are looking for answers. We are faced with questions touching on the human lifespan and how we can prevent diseases – to questions about our place in the universe and what it looks like… and in order to find the answers to these perplexing questions, we need A LOT of computing power. Enter the realm of GPGPU or GPU Computing. Our passion for playing in virtual worlds has lead companies such as ATI and Nvidia to create graphics chips that surpass general-purpose chips by orders of magnitude


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Nintendo ships 150 million current-gen gaming systems, sells 147 Million

This week will be remembered in the halls of Nintendo HQ in Kyoto, Japan. The company received all the parts necessary for building the 50th million Wii console, as AMD proudly mentioned in their press release, and shipped 100th million Nintendo DS. When we take into account that DS sold 99.51 million units, while 47.72 million purchased a Wii console, and it is clear that the month of March will mark sale of Nintendo DS #100.000.000, while Wii #50.000.000 will have to wait until April or May. It would be really cool if the company would put special markings on these gaming systems, and sell


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STEAM: Intel 8-core Skulltrail almost outsold 3-core Phenom X3

Recession, what recession? $10,000 computers almost outsold $600 ones, as proved by Steam Hardware Survey, questioning more than 16 million gamers worldwide.


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The End of Wintel saga…beginning of Microvidia and nPhone?

The end of Wintel saga marks the beginning of MSFT-AMD-NVDA triangle?


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STEAM: Intel, ATI gain users, AMD+Nvidia continue the negative trend

Like a clockwork, Steam released its hardware survey for December 2008. A lot of interesting gains with the biggest winners being Intel processors, ATI graphics cards and Windows Vista operating system.


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Logitech launches a new gaming attack with four products

Logitech is dead set on fending off all of its challengers in the arena of high-end gaming peripherals, and the company decided to launch a pack of four interesting products – out of which one is already launched, but hey, who cares. We received a press release and that press release is stating that on first day of CES (which is tomorrow, btw), Logitech launched its new series of game products, consisting out of a gaming keyboard, gaming controller-that-looks-like-a-keyboard, gaming mice and gaming headset. Without further ado, I present you with the four riders of gaming apocalypse: Just to make things more interesting, this morning,


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A Must Read: How Microsoft screwed Sony

Bombastic book that explains all the dirty background work that happened in Texas, during the design of next-gen microprocessor for Sony and Microsoft consoles. If you’re into tech thrillers, this is one book to read – and it is not a fiction title.


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Message to The Industry: We live in a different world…

Growing trend in the IT industry is talk about exclusiveness and how some companies and parts of the market are going to die. However, the world, and especially the IT industry actually operates on the different principle – inclusiveness.


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Nvidia’s 3D glasses are surprisingly expensive

Back at Nvision 08 in August, Jen-Hsun demonstrated 3D Vision during his keynote speech. While the whole audience enjoyed in demonstration of 3D technology, nobody knew how the technology works. We bring more details and gallery of this hot upcoming product.


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New Steam survey confirms Intel, Nvidia dominate the market share

Developing a game and want to know what gamers use? Valve Corporation gathered more than 15 million users of their Steam digital distribution platform, but probably the most interesting part is world famous “Steam Hardware Survey”. How many people use high-end hardware? What kind of displays do gamers use? We analyze last last six months…


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EA to put PhysX engine in (all) upcoming games

Nvidia’s just scored a major victory – Electronic Arts decided to adopt PhysX technology as a development platform “available to EA’s studios worldwide”. If Nvidia gets a second publisher as large as EA, the company will win the Physics war.


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GPGPU is the future: Khronos releases OpenCL API

With Khronos group officially launching the OpenCL 1.0 specification, GPGPU computing is now officially covered with a open-source, royalty-free cross-platform API that enables parallel programming on the GPUs, regardless from whom they’re coming from.


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Logitech ships one billion rats

In a month that we celebrate the 40th birth of computer mice, Logitech announced that the company shipped its billionth mouse. The company was founded in 1981 in Switzerland, shipped its first product in 1985. 23 years later, the company shipped its one billionth el Raton. More interesting number is just how fast the computer industry developed – between 1985 and 1996, Logitech shipped 100 million mice. In 12 years between 1996 and 2008, Logitech shipped another 900 million. Out of these 900 million, roughly 500 million were shipped in the last five years. This number is also a testament at what rate the company


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Sony demonstrates Gran Turismo 5 in 4K resolution

Past couple of weeks brought two big anniversaries. Gran Turismo dinged 10 years in October, and then Half Life celebrated its won 10 years. Both games changed the world of their respective platforms. Personally, I’ve stated numerous times that the only game I would play on PS3 was Gran Turismo series (borrowed PSOne to finish GT1 and GT2, bought/sold PS2 for GT3 and now considering getting that legacy-enabled PS3 for GT3, GT4, GTHD and GT5 ;-). During Downshift Session 2008 event, Polyphony Digital held an impressive demonstration, showing Gran Turismo 5 (I guess Prologue) in 4K resolution. Sony provided the SRX-S110 digital cinema projector, outputting


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Happy Birthday, Half-Life

Today is a special day, since it marks 10th birthday of Half-Life, game that changed the world of shooters and brought then unknown Valve into the limelight. Half-Life titles sold in over 20 million units, and with launch of Steam, the company confirmed that it will remain innovative in the future. I’ve met Gabe and Doug on several dozen occassions, and these guys are just “body of evidence” where bold thinking can lead you. Gabe Newell wasn’t afraid to show how crappy his code runs on GeForce FX 5800/5900 cards, the company launched distribution model that changed the way how games are bought and there


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Left 4 Dead available now: go, try or just buy

I’ve received word from Doug Lombardi that Valve officially released Left 4 Dead, brilliant survival shooter. I fell in love with the game at this years’ E3, when my team of four people came closest to getting alive from undead-infested building. Those darn developers, we died roughly 10 seconds before mission’s end. But anyways, this game is not to be missed, and I would highly recommend that you check out Steam and download the demo. If you want to take my word on it, just buy it and enjoy. I am not going to do a massive review of the game and tell you all


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Croatia: World of Warcraft beats iPhone 3G

After all the media fanfare about iPhone 3G and the goodness that the gadget brings, we have heard reports about T-Com demanding 6-month subscription in advance and similar consumer-unfriendly tactics. However, mainstream media didn’t exactly show in droves to see more several thousand people that waited in Zagreb and hundreds of people in several other cities in Croatia – these people waited for World of Warcraft: The Wrath of Lich King add-on. The price was set at $60 for the regular and $120 for the Collector’s Edition – and yes, there were many happy faces walking off with the Collector’s Edition. However, during the great