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AMD Radeon Fury X Performance Revealed

AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Introduction slide

While VR World is currently working on a detailed series of analysis into how AMD is changing its future by unveiling a completely new product line-up, we were informed by the company’s representatives that the company decided to lift the embargo on performance data for the AMD Radeon Fury X earlier than expected. Thus, while you wait for the architectural analysis of the part (this article will be updated in due course), we are pleased to bring you details from the AMD Radeon Fury X Review Guide, which contains internal performance data of this new, $649 graphic card. This price pitches liquid cooled Radeon Fury X


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AMD Next-Gen Cards Pictured: Meet Radeon R9 390, Fury X


As the official unveil is being prepared for June 16 at 9AM Pacific time, we are seeing more and more leaks of the next-gen parts. It is now obvious that the Radeon 300 series will be nothing more but an enhanced, ‘refreshed’ version of Radeon R9 200 series, while Radeon Fury and Fury X will make for completely new parts, heavily optimized for AR/VR world – and incredible performance in almost all applications. According to several forums and websites, this is what AMD will unveil in a day or so – still, take this with a grain of salt. AMD Radeon R9 390 Series: Can


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LG Launches FreeSync’ed 4K Display with Quad Split Screen

LG's latest 4K panel, the 27MU67 offers IPS panel and several cool tricks.

While all the attention is being spread between Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 Ti and the upcoming AMD Radeon Fury series of graphics cards, perhaps the most important question for computer users, be them gamers or professionals is – what is the ideal display form them? The answer (at least for AMD users) might come from South Korea, in a form of brand new LG 27MU67, a 27-inch, 68.5cm diagonal 4K panel intended for gamers. According to the press release, the manufacturer claims this display is “intended for graphics-intensive gaming and the fast-paced action of the latest first person shooter (FPS) games and Real-Time Strategy (RTS)


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Bethesda Clears Up Fallout 4 Release Date Speculation

Fallout 4 New Megaton

Bethesda doesn’t confirm or deny that Fallout 4 will release this year.


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Fallout 4 Reveal Trailer is Live, Listed For 2015 Release

Fallout 4 Armor 2

The future of Fallout is here, and we have the trailer, details and more on the post-apocalyptic magnum opus.


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Fallout 4 Leaked, Coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC

Fallout 4 Concept Art

New details surface ahead of schedule, but they’re as scarce as the post-apocalyptic wasteland.


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Valve Will Now Issue Steam Refunds ‘for Any Reason’

Valve Logo

As much fanfare accompanies Steam’s new refund policy, some speculate that the new structure is a bad omen for indie devs.


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Fallout 4 Announcement Teased By Bethesda

Fallout 4

Hype…hype never changes.


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Sony Plans to Release 1TB PlayStation 4

Sony PlayStation 4 - PS4

Sony issues two new PS4 models, but they aren’t the big console refreshes we’ve been waiting for.


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NVIDIA GeForce 980 Ti Final Specs Revealed


As we are approaching Computex and the majority of press and media analysts are in the plane en route Taipei, companies such as Intel, Nvidia and AMD are polishing their press releases for the first day of the show. One such product is GeForce GTX 980 Ti, a product refresh which does not have a lot to do with ‘refresh’. While the original GTX 980 was based of GM204 GPU, featuring 2048 CUDA cores attached to 4 or 8GB of GDDR5 memory. As you might have guessed, the chip was using 256-bit memory bus. When you combine GPU clock of 1.12 GHz and GDDR5 clock


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AMD Fiji XT GPU Teaser


There is no doubt that AMD and NVIDIA will launch their ‘latest and greatest’ graphics cards in June 2015. While the exact schedule is lacking details, it is rumored that both companies will split their unveilings between Computex Taipei 2015 (June 2-5) and E3 2015 (June 16-18). AMD recently fired the first salvo, with a teaser trailer for its upcoming Fiji XT graphics card, high end model for the otherwise rebranded number of GPUs belonging to the ‘300’ series. As you can see on a leaked image from TechPowerUp, this board is going to be quite smaller than the previous high-end cards, even though it is


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BBC To Shed Light On Sony’s Shady PSN Policies

PSN Logo

Sony’s ill handling of fraudulent purchases and hacked accounts will go public tonight courtesy of BBC One


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Witcher 3 Please Wait Xbox One Bug Fix


We tell you how to squash the pesky “please wait” bug that’s plagued so many gamers, and how to prevent it from happening again.


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Devs Respond To Witcher 3 Downgrade Controversy

Witcher 3 geralt

Amid graphical disparities between early demos and the final build, we take a closer look at the Witcher 3 downgrade controversy and see what CD Projekt RED has to say.


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Windows 10 on Xbox One Preview Timeline Revealed

Xbox One Windows 10

Preview program members get first crack at the Xbox One’s biggest update yet: Windows 10 functionality.


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Bloodborne Expansion Is In The Works, Says Sony


Sony confirms that DLC for Bloodborne is in the works, but we won’t have details until later this year.


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Oculus Rift PC Requirements Revealed

Oculus Rift Final

You’ll need higher-end hardware to run the Oculus Rift, which isn’t so surprising since it runs at 2160×1200 at 90Hz split over dual displays.


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Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate News: Grappling Hook, Singleplayer Only and Brawling

AC Syncidate 9

Ubisoft blows the lid on its epic Victorian-era adventure and reveals major new features that propel the Assassin’s Creed franchise further along.


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The New Assassin’s Creed Will Be Called ‘Syndicate’, Releases Holiday 2015

AC Syndicate

Leaked promo materials tips off new info on the Victorian Era Assassin’s Creed game.


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Myst Returning as TV Show on Hulu


The classic 1990s point-and-click game Myst gets a new lease on life as a TV show.