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Tesoro Kuven Devil A1 Review: Immersive Surround Sound For $79

Tesoro’s Kuven Devil A1 is a $79 that offers an immense set of features that are often not found in headsets that cost twice as much.


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Razer Launches The Leviathan Sound Bar

The gaming peripheral company Razer announced its new sound bar, the Leviathan.


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ARM Announces New ARM Mali Graphics IP

ARM Mali Graphics IP

ARM has today announced a whole new series of ARM Mali graphics IP including their new T860, T830 and T820 GPUs as well as V550 and DP550 processors


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Amazon Fire TV Stick is a $39 Chromecast Challenger

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon has just released the Fire TV Stick, which is Amazon’s answer to Google’s Chromecast, with supposedly better hardware and content availability


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OK Go's New Drone Music Video

Segway dancing, thousands of Japanese schoolgirls, and a continuous shot taken by a drone-mounted camera… … It must be the newest music video by OK Go. Alternative Pop band OK Go, masters of the viral music video, just released a new flick for their “I Won’t Let You Down” single. Every time the band seems to have outdone themselves, they push the envelope with something new. Directed by Morihino Harano, the four men glide around the Longwood Station Studios courtyard on Honda Uni-Cub segways, joined by hundreds of synced dancers, for fantastic visuals from all angles. Like OK Go’s “This Too Shall Pass” & “The Writing’s On the Wall” one-takers, there is a sense that


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VR Startup Magic Leap Closes $542M Funding Round

Magic Leap

The secretive VR startup Magic Leap just closed a Series A $542 million round of funding that includes Google, Qualcomm, Legendary Entertainment and more


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Turn Your Phone Into a DSLR Remote With ShutterBOT


Turn your highend smartphone into a DSLR remote with the free Android app called ShutterBOT which enables you to control your camera from your phone.


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Khronos OpenVX Computer Vision Standard Finalized


When Khronos had originally announced OpenVX and the associated APIs, there was a lot of excitement about how it could help simplify and unify computer vision within the industry. That announcement was merely the establishment of the working group and the companies that would contribute to the standard’s development and finalization. With today’s announcement, however, OpenVX officially becomes an industry standard that can be commercially deployed within products and developed for immediately. This finalized and ratified OpenVX 1.0 version brings a laundry list of features that help abstract the underlying computer vision interaction with hardware in order to make cross-platform implementations more possible. Keep in


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Nvidia Launches $100,000 GPU Startup Prize

Nvidia GPU Logo

Nvidia is launching a $100,000 GPU startup prize as part of their emerging companies summit which runs during Nvidia’s 2015 GPU Technology Conference.


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ATSC Wins Emmy for Loud Commericals Ban

atsc loud

The end of loud commercials? Definitely worth an award. The Advanced Television Systems Committee’s (ATSC) will be awarded a Primetime Emmy Engineering Award for their successful collaboration with industry groups to end the reign of really, really loud commercials on television. The FCC, SMPTE, and other organizations already mandate “safe level” broadcast standards for both video and audio. However, some advertisers would use heavy audio level compression to achieve much higher perceived loudness and clarity while staying within the approved decibel limits. This advertising practice became widely popular during the 2000’s, and when the US made its official switch to all-digital television broadcasting (DTV) in June 2009, it became even worse. Because digital audio signals are perceived


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Reverend Performs Exorcisms Over Skype

Skype Exorcism

People do a lot of things over Skype nowadays, but now a Reverend in Arizona is performing Exorcisms over Skype for a ‘small’ nominal donation.


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Futuremark Releases Fire Strike Ultra 4K Gaming Benchmark

3DMark Fire Strike Ultra

Futuremark has released a new 4K gaming benchmark based on their popular Fire Strike test inside of their 3DMark graphics benchmark suite.


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KOSS BT540i: Solid, Simple, Sound.

Remember when NFC was cool? It still is. With the NFC-enabled BT540i Bluetooth headphones from KOSS, you can easily pair to a compatible device and enjoy surprisingly sweet sound quality with just a tap. The BT540i is the latest in KOSS Corporation’s (KOSS) expansion of their “mobile” products line. Since 2012’s CES Show, KOSS has introduced many full-size, in-ear, and sport models that incorporate mobile device functionality, like many other consumer audio companies. This circumaural Bluetooth model utilizes updated componentry and touts exceptional sound quality, while being very simple to use. Here’s what you need to know: That was quick With our NFC-ready Google Nexus


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Netflix now able to be streamed on Linux

Due to the efforts made by both Netflix and Canonical, Chrome version 37 is now able to stream Netflix.  This is a great thing as there haven’t been many options for legally watching protected media on Linux.   Today, with the release of Google Chrome version 37 everyone has the ability to stream Netflix through the browser.  Many have reported that the newest version of Chrome with Netflix “just works”, making things very simple.  You have Netflix and Canonical, the company behind Ubuntu to thank for giving everyone the ability to binge on Netlfiz with Linux.  Unfortunately, it is only for Chrome and will not work


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DivX Gets Freed, Breaks off From Rovi and Goes Private


DivX, the popular media player and codec company of the 2000’s is coming back as a private independent entity and is looking to start expanding with 4K


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KOSS Corp: 'Sticking to What We Do Best'


Miluawakee, WI – KOSS recently unveiled its new BT540i NFC-ready Bluetooth headphones, indicating what lies ahead for this iconic American audio brand. Bright Side of News* has an exclusive interview with Michael J. Koss, President and CEO of KOSS Corporation (NASDAQ: KOSS), about what went into the design of the BT540i, and how the company brand will stay fresh in the minds of music lovers in the years ahead. Bright Side of News*: I’m really digging the BT540i, and noticed that the design is based on a similar framework as your PRODJ200 model. Was there reason behind this? Michael J Koss: It’s already a robust design that gives


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Watch GoPro's New Hero4 in Action in 4K

GoPro Be A Hero4

GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) today announced its GoPro Hero4 Black and Hero4 Silver as well as its new Hero budget camera. However, the big deal was that GoPro had finally released a camera that could really do 4K video at 30 FPS and that’s exactly what the GoPro Hero4 is capable of. And in typical GoPro fashion, the company already has a promotional video showing you, in 4K, what this new camera footage looks like. The great thing is that GoPro has uploaded this footage in 4K, so if you’ve got a 4K TV or a 4K monitor you should be able to view it in its full 4K


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GoPro Announces 4K Hero4 Black, Silver and Hero Cameras

GoPro (NASDAQ:GPRO) today finally announced the much awaited Hero4 line of cameras, which had leaked earlier this weekend. Everything that you see there is essentially correct, with the exception of the availability date which is now October 5th, not October 8th. Additionally, GoPro is not launching just the GoPro Hero4 Black and Hero4 Silver, but also a budget camera simply called the Hero. The official announcement came today, revealing GoPro’s full lineup of cameras ranging from $129 all the way up to $499. Yes, GoPro has decided that the new GoPro Hero4 Black will actually sell for a much higher $499 retail price, a solid


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Strict FAA Stoops to Bless Drone Use for Making Movies

SnapRoll SUAS Drone Landing

The FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) continues their attempt to exert control over all airspace, all the time. They conceded, however still holding a stiff rein, when announcing they would allow seven movie companies to fly unmanned aerial systems (UAS), for filming motion pictures and television programming in US airspace. In a foiled attempt to regulate what goes on in our skies, this spring the FAA lost a decision by an NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board) judge in FAA vs. Pirker. The judge decided the FAA had not properly filed regulations to control UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) – also called drones. The FAA was tripped up


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GoPro Hero4 to Launch October 8th This Year?

Remember all of those rumors of the imminent GoPro Hero4 with the 4K capability? Well, it looks like the guys at Petapixel were able to get a scoop from a source that has given the world the full specifications of GoPro’s (NASDAQ:GPRO), newest camera. GoPro, as many of you know recently became a publicly traded company with its IPO launching at $30 and now sits at over $80 a share without any new product announcements. Obviously, GoPro was going to wait until after it went public with its IPO in order to launch the GoPro Hero4 with 4K capability (30 FPS). The previous versions of GoPro’s cameras did do