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NSA Bugged Foreign-Bound Networking Equipment

NSA Logo

According to Glenn Greenwald, who seemingly quotes himself in his own titles, the NSA has routinely been intercepting US-based networking hardware bound for countries abroad. While Glenn Greenwald doesn’t specifically implicate any networking companies, it would be safe to assume that companies like Cisco, Juniper, Brocade, Dell, HP and many more. This is in the face of the fact that the US government had been criticizing the use of Huawei networking hardware due to the beliefs that the Chinese would be presenting a security risk to the US. They essentially claimed that Huawei was bugging their networking equipment for the Chinese government and that their


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AT&T to Buy DIRECTV for $50 Billion?

AT&T Logo Cramming

There have been a lot of mergers and acquisitions in the telecom businesses, the Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger is still up in the air and many people appear to be highly opposed to it. And naturally, it would come as little surprise that AT&T would look to merge/buy one of their competitors as well. After all, if a Comcast-Time Warner Cable merger were to go through, even after divestments they would essentially be a 30 million subscriber base company. That would be much bigger than AT&T’s current 5 million subscriber base, making them even less relevant in the TV space, so obviously, AT&T wants to


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Why Isn't Apple Opposed to New Net Neutrality Proposal?

Apple Net Neutrality

Most people don’t quite understand what Net Neutrality is all about or how important it is to the future of the United States as a knowledge economy, especially one driven by software companies that rely on fair internet behavior to survive. Without Net Neutrality, we could never have a Facebook, Twitter, Google, Snapchat, Instagram or plenty of other cloud-based internet businesses. However, it appears that Apple has chosen not to take a side in the Net Neutrality debate, by not signing a letter signed by virtually every other major tech company in opposition to the new Net Neutrality proposed law. Perhaps it has to do


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Apple to Buy Beats for $3.2 Billion?

Beats by Apple

As rumors usually go, this one is a pretty juicy one coming from the Financial Times, who is usually pretty spot on with their M&A news, especially in tech. According to the Financial Times, Beats Electronics founded by Jimmy Iovine and Dr. Dre is currently in talks to be bought by Apple to the tune of $3.2 billion. This is compared to the sum that HTC paid back in 2011, $300 million. At that time, HTC actually had a majority share of Beats Electronics and was unsuccessfully using their branding on their phones like the HTC One to push their devices. HTC’s strategy with Beats


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As HTC Struggles Internally, HTC One M8 Expectations Grow

HTC One M8

Many electronic devices come out of Taiwan. Success has been fleeting for several Asian-based manufacturers. Recently HTC said they see their second quarter returning positive numbers, but with declining revenue. Samsung, albeit troubled by the court loss to Apple, has been outselling HTC products. The company thinks its HTC One’s redesign will boast sales. An Android alternative to Apple’s iOS, the G1, aka HTC Dream, gave HTC a head start a few years back which was soon eclipsed by Samsung’s entry into the Android market. The Galaxy series made a large footprint in the smartphone arena. Lately, HTC has had problems with their supply chain. Part


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Google's Relationship with the NSA Closer Than Believed

Google NSA

Google has consistently tried to make themselves look like they are forced to cooperate with the NSA and that they aren’t participating in the NSA’s programs to monitor the general population, but Al Jazeera America has obtained documents via the Freedom of Information Act  that show a fairly close level of cooperation between Google and the NSA. Sure, the documents obtained by Al Jazeera don’t show any sort of cooperating ‘smoking gun’ but they do show that the NSA does work fairly closely with Google on National Security measures that might affect the security of Google and ultimately the security of the USA. In the


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Can We Trust OnePlus, Who is Really Behind Them? OPPO?

OPPO's OnePlus Logo

OnePlus has a new phone that the entire internet has been talking about, which happens to share the same name as HTC’s flagship phone, the One. So, we have the OnePlus One and the HTC One, okay, a little problematic, but nothing too serious since the two brand names usually come before the model name. OnePlus have been billing themselves as an upstart smartphone company, some of which were formerly with OPPO. Funny enough, if you abbreviate OnePlus One, it almost says OPPO but that just seems a bit ridiculous until you look at when the company was founded and when all of the trademarks


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Intel Skylake and 100 Series Chipset Details Leak

Intel Capital

The guys over at VR-Zone have scored what appears to be a roadmap document that details the changeover from Broadwell and Haswell over to Skylake. In the document, there is a vast amount of information, including the disclosure of the fact that there will be one chipset for consumer and server. This may ultimately mean that consumers will no longer have to suffer with inferior chipsets and enterprise won’t lose certain features that aren’t deemed ‘enterprise’. Not to mention, by having one chipset for both consumer and server, Intel can drive better volumes of that single chip and improve inefficiencies and profitability.   If you


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Is The Cake a Lie? Portal Coming to Nvidia SHIELD?

The cake is not a lie

There has always been a ton of pop culture around the phrase “The Cake is a lie” and many gamers simply don’t understand the origin of the phrase or understand its meaning, but neither are necessary unless you get a randomly delivered cake from UPS in the middle of your week with a ‘letter’ from “Aperture Labs.” I’m not going to be one to say no to a delicious chocolate cake being delivered to my apartment for free, but it is a bit weird to be getting a cake either way and once you read the letter that accompanied the cake, you start to understand


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Motorola and LG are Launching New Phones Next Month

Motorola and LG

It seems as though May is going to be a pretty busy month in the smartphone industry, much like April was. This month we saw the Launch of the HTC One M8 as well as the Samsung Galaxy S5, after their announcements in the months before. Now, it appears to be Motorola’s and LG’s turn as Motorola is rumored to be announcing the Moto E and Moto X+1 on May 13th and LG is expected to launch the LG G3 on the 27th, an update to the G2 from last year. The G2 last year was a fantastic phone and really cemented LG’s platform in


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Nvidia GeForce GTX Titan Z is… Coming Soon?

We were a bit surprised to see an announcement on Techpowerup! that ASUS had launched their GTX Titan Z without any hoopla from Nvidia or any of their other board partners. So, it comes as little surprise that the article itself has since been pulled and that any and all mentions of ASUS’ GTX Titan Z have disappeared. But of course, the damage has already been done and Pandora’s box has been opened. However, there isn’t that much about this card that is really a mystery. The GTX Titan Z is expected to be a dual Titan graphics card, air cooled, that enables some of


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GoPro Hero4 Coming This Summer?

GoPro Hero4

As many of you have probably been anticipating, GoPro’s Hero 4 is the much awaited update to the already wildly popular GoPro action camera that so many people already coveyt. The current iteration, the GoPro Hero3+ was what many expected could or should be the GoPro Hero4 solved many of the problems that the GoPro Hero3 had, however, it didn’t really improve the overall resolution or framerate of the camera. According to DGISE the new GoPro Hero4 will be released this summer using the already well-known Ambarella SoC that’s already been capable of 4K video encode and decode for quite some time. However, a lot


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AMD's 'FreeSync' Ratified by VESA, More to Come

As many of you may already know, AMD has proposed a standard unofficially dubbed FreeSync as a way to allow monitors to sync with graphics cards in a way that allows them not to render half frames and to sync the refresh rate of the monitor with the frame rate of the GPU. This standard is designed to be a ‘free’ alternative to Nvidia’s announced G-Sync which will only work with Nvidia’s own GPUs and monitor hardware. AMD’s solution is designed to be more ‘open’ and ‘free’ meaning that you don’t have to necessarily commit to a specific brand of graphics card or monitor. While I


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Palantir – The $9 Bil CIA-Funded Co That Could Be Helping the NSA Spy on You

Palantir is Big Data’s glory child. In the five years of their existence, they’ve taken their data analytics business from basically nothing to being the go-to company for various three letter agencies within the US government. It has been rumored that Palantir was the company that helped the US government find and track down Osama Bin Laden. And since Palantir has a clientele that include the NSA and FBI, there is no shortage of people that simply don’t like the company or the company’s CEO, Alex Karp. Oh, and Palantir’s origins are marked by getting funding from none other than the CIA itself. So, naturally,


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Intel to Compete For Globalfoundaries and TSMC Business, Pushes Mobile

It comes as very little surprise to us here at BSN* that Intel has officially opened up the company’s fabs to whomever wishes to make their processors using Intel’s leading-edge processes. The company has for many years been moving towards a point where the cost of building new fabs using leading edge processes simply would become impossible to sustain on their chips alone. The nail in the coffin for this rumor that has been circulating for countless years was the ascension of Brian Krzanich to CEO. Brian’s role in the company prior to CEO was COO and prior to that he was responsible for managing


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Apple Planning to Buy PrimeSense, Original Kinect Sensor Supplier?

According to the Calcalist and AllThingsD Apple is looking to buy PrimeSense. PrimeSense is an Israeli company that makes 3D sensors that are designed to be able to accurately measure depth and other visual cues. Their claim to fame is that their sensors were in the original Microsoft Xbox Kinect motion controller which enabled for a completely hands free experience. This time around, Microsoft has their own solution that doesn’t use PrimeSense, so they are naturally working on the next generation of 3D sensors. One of the developments coming out of PrimeSense is a smartphone 3D sensor, which is likely what Apple is going to want to


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Qualcomm to Announce Automotive Infotainment Push at CES 2014?

We recently got word from some of our sources that Qualcomm has been working hard within their Automotive division, specifically within their automotive infotainment division which currently doesn’t officially exist yet. If you head on over to their Qualcomm Automotive division, you can see that they state that their automotive division is consisted of six parts. Insurance and Tracking, Fleet Management, Telematics and Emergency and last but not least Car Infotainment. In a conference call that we had with Qualcomm’s Nakual Duggal, VP of Product Development, the company was not quite ready to officially announce that they were getting into infotainment. However, he did say that


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Is OCZ Done?

OCZ’s [NASDAQ (we’re not sure for how long):OCZ] stock took another, likely finishing blow on the markets today, with an astonishing 41% erosion of the share price on top of the 33% that had happened only the day before. At this current rate of the share’s value, one has to wonder what the heck has been going on with the investors that hold the stock and how much of this is real. Truly, OCZ is not worth the $30 million that it’s current stock is valued at with the share price at $0.43 after close and AH trading had ended. I believe that OCZ could


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OCZ Deflates: Down 33% in a Single Day

After many months of struggling to be compliant with the SEC’s requirements after a few very questionable quarters, OCZ [NASDAQ:OCZ] has hit yet another roadblock. Many of their investors that stuck through their tough times have been holding on to hopes that the company would eventually be bought out, as was the original plan. Since Ryan Petersen did such a great job of running the company into the ground in the hopes of getting acquired, OCZ has struggled to stay in the game and compete with companies like SanDisk, Samsung and Toshiba. Since the rumors of the Seagate acquisition, which was basically a done deal,


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What to Expect From Kaveri: A Detailed Predictive Analysis

Editors note:This article was originally published by Juan Ramón González Álvarez at It represents a very well-informed estimate of the performance of future APUs from AMD based off the Kaveri core. These estimates are based off the bits of information AMD disclosed both about Kaveri itself and the Steamroller architecture. Furthermore it includes some assumptions that are sensible but may not equate to the actual specifications. As any performance estimate, they could be off substantially because we are dealing with incomplete information. For this reason you should take the benchmark numbers with a grain of salt. However we believe the point of view presented