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Wednesday?s Child Buyout Woes – A Rumor of Some Strength


A persistent rumor has surfaced recently and after checking around it seems to have some veracity. A well known startup company making splashes in the Solid State Storage sector is about to become the latest buyout of the year on Wednesday. We learned about the buyer and well, the potential announcement could not sound better. Naturally, disclosing it right now would be speaking out of school now, wouldn?t it? And then again it just may be a well placed rumor? tied well with the recent announcement of closing in on another round of funding. Take your best shot at guessing the involved players in the


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AMD Launch on the Way, Dismisses Delay Rumors


Recently, we learned that AMD is launching their refresh of Evergreen architecture on the week starting October 18th. Soon after, rumors appeared that AMD is postponing the launch into November. We have talked with multiple sources in AMD’s own add-in-board ecosystem [AIB Partner List], and they all dismissed the rumors and confirmed to us that they will have Radeon HD 6000 series [desktop codename: Southern Islands] available for purchase in the week starting October 18th, 2010. Partners are from one side, enthused about the number of products that will be available for launch, but also worried about the performance of the parts now branded as


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HTC Rumored To Have Tegra 2 Tablet in the Works


Monday evening at the Press get together for the GPU Technology Conference the rumor was that HTC had contracted Pegatron Technology to build a Tegra 2 tablet. According to the rumor, the HTC tablet PC will use  nVidia’s Tegra 2 platform and Google’s Android operating system, a standard mix for nearly a dozen rumored tablets that have not begun shipping.  The usual claims about features for the device are circulating and include a multi-touch panel with a resolution of 1280×720 pixels, a 32GB SSD [solid state drive], 2GB of RAM memory and several functions such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and GPS. No mention was made of


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VisionTek rubbishes rumors, confirm secured funding in place


Several web sites ran a story that VisionTek, AMD’s North American channel partner – is about to go bust. Now, there are several types of events that happen prior to launching such a story but we won’t go and explore them now. What matters is that according to the information we have at hand, the rumor about VisionTek going bust looks like a bad re-run from 2002 [the first rumor of VisionTek going bust]. We spoke with Michael Innes, COO of VisionTek and in a long conversation we learned a lot of details about the company. According to Michael, it is not a secret that