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New SpaceX Dragon Capsule Looks Like Star Trek


Hot on the heels of Boeing unveiling its human transport capsule dubbed CST-100 Starliner, SpaceX unveiled its final take on the Crew Dragon capsule, which is scheduled to take first manned flights in 2017, in what will be return of United States of America to spacefaring nations, something the country wasn’t able to do since they retired the venerable Space Shuttle. In the video below, you can see the bespoke Dragon capsule, which can transport up to five people the the ISS, and what SpaceX hopes to be one of first steps to move us from LEO (Lower Earth Orbit) to other planets, especially Mars:


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Intel Invests in CareDX, Biotech Molecular Diagnostics Company


According to the company tagline “Personalized Treatment Surveillance. Better Outcomes.” CareDX, Inc. is a molecular diagnostic company which is known for its AlloMap service that monitors patients with heart transplants. Current focus is on expanding the AlloMap line of blood-test products with cfDNA for Heart and cfDNA Kidney – potentially changing the lives of millions of transplant patients worldwide. Key of the company is ‘gene expression profiling,’ using the best of semiconductor industry to analyze blood cells on a molecular level, in order to identify gene activity in various types of blood cells. By building patient maps, doctors can research and predict how a patient is reacting to treatment, inflammation


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Possible Cheaper Fighter Attack Airplane for U.S. and its Allies?


As the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter finally receives active combat clearance, and enters the Air Force as a battle-ready aircraft, we saw a lot of caveats of the troubled Lockheed Martin’s fighter program. In a nutshell, it’s over budget, over the planned timeframe and over the much needed operational limit for current USAF and NAVY fighters as well. Sadly for the program, it is also weaker in combat than a 40 year old F-16, yet alone F-15 and F-18 fighters. This means, that in true facts and reality the F-35 is so much delayed, that current F/A-18 and F-16 fighters are nearing their operational limit. It also


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A Man, A Ball, And Thousands In Technology: The Rise Of Tech In Sports


Tech in sports is quickly becoming a multibillion dollar business of increasing complexity. What does the future hold?


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USA Embargo Cannot Stop China: Tianhe-2 Supercomputer Keeps #1


Couple of months ago, we exclusively reported that the U.S. government blocked Intel from selling its products to Chinese supercomputer firms such as Inspur, responsible for building the Tianhe-2 supercomputer. Originally, Tianhe-2 was planned to expand all the way to almost 100,000 Xeon processors and Xeon Phi co-processors, targeting to beat the 100 PFLOPS barrier. Initial deployment included 4,096 Chinese Galaxy FT-1500 processors (Chinese SPARC) and 16,000 processor nodes with two 12-core Xeon E2692 processors and three Xeon Phi 31S1P co-processors for a grand total of 3.12 million cores. Full installation of Tianhe-2 was scheduled to feature 48,000 processor nodes, or 9.93 million cores. However, those


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GlobalFoundries Launches 22nm FD-SOI Process for IoT, Wearables

20nm Wafer using HKMG

Since its inception, GlobalFoundries had a plan to become world’s leading semiconductor manufacturer. From starting as an AMD manufacturing spin-off, the company owners set a multi-decade plan which involved acquiring Chartered Semiconductor and recently, acquired IBM foundry business as well. The capacity grew from initial 60,000 300mm wafers in 2009 to almost quarter billion 300mm and 130+ million 200mm wafers in second quarter of 2015. While the absolute capacity numbers were even higher, the owners (Mubadala Development Company, Abu Dhabi) decided to re-address the capacity and increase volume in processes that make financial sense. In order to stay ahead the company kept on investing in SOI


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Shakeup in the Piracy World as EZTV Shutters


There will be a replacement for EZTV soon enough.


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RIP ActiveX. Microsoft Cuts Support for Old School Protocols in IE Edge

Internet Explorer in its earlier days.

Support for ancient protocols is being cut in the latest version of Internet Explorer.


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Android Lollipop Adoption Still Lagging

Android Lollipop Android Smartphone

Google’s latest Android release only has a 9% market share 7 months after release.


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Goodbye Patch Tuesday


Microsoft is getting rid of Patch Tuesday and will instead continuously rollout updates in the background on Windows 10.


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Qihoo 360 Caught Cheating in Antivirus Testing


Qihoo caught swapping antivirus engines between consumer and benchmark versions.


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Privacy Matters: The Looming Threat Over AR


A society wired to augmented reality poses a true threat to your privacy. But with the proper safeguards, the threat can be mitigated.


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China Weaponizes Great Firewall to DDoS Sites Off the Web


The Great Firewall can now be used to DDoS sites China doesn’t like off the web.


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John Oliver Grills Edward Snowden on ‘Last Week Tonight’


The Oliver-Snowden interview is uncomfortable to watch, and good journalism.


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Watch A Canadian Paratrooper Land In A Dense Forest

Close approach, YWG.

In the annual Maple Flag exercise, the Canadian air force military airplane dropped a company of paratroopers, where one of them had a pretty scary landing in a dense forest in this video


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No Browser Was Safe at Pwn2Own 2015


Every major browser fell to the exploits delivered at Pwn2Own.


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Stealth Is Non-Negotiable With the B-2 Bomber


Here is a video showcasing a B-2 Bomber and why the stealth on this platform is non-negotiable in every aspect.


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How the FREAK SSL Flaw Could Have Been Prevented


Last week the world was panicking when the FREAK SSL flaw was discovered. Here’s how to stop another one from occurring.


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Updated: Xiaomi Hits Back Hard at Bluebox Labs’ Claims


Xiaomi representatives strongly rebut Bluebox Labs’ claims, and say the device tested was tampered with


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Bluebox Labs: Xiaomi Phones a Major Security Risk

Xiaomi logo

Xiaomi devices ship with a number of security flaws due to the use of a forked version of Android.