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Rezence Magnetic Resonance Charging is The Future of Wireless Power

Rezence is a relatively new technology, and is the consumer-facing brand that represents the group of technologies represented by the Alliance for Wireless Power. There are currently three major wireless power alliances, for those not versed in the world of wireless power. There is the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) which is responsible for the Qi wireless power standard, the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and the Alliance for Wireless Power. Each of these organizations believes that they have the right idea about wireless power and there is some overlap between the three, but they are still fundamentally three different organizations. Additionally, many of their most prominent

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Meet the Samsung I8800, Possibly the First Tizen Phone

With Samsung?s Bada OS mobile platform moving on to see the better days in the Tizen Linux-based phones, it was only a matter of time before the first devices leaked out. If we are to believe the images that got leaked to a Greek Tizen-dedicated website (and some Photoshop magic), the platform testing device appears to be the Galaxy S3 wrapped in a prototype protective shell of some sort. On the other hand, we do get a cleaner look on some of the Tizen 2.1 interface design and functionality as well. Aside from the general Galaxy S3-ish shape of the prototype, there are plenty of

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ANALYSIS: New Mobile Operating Systems – Ubuntu, Sailfish, Tizen, Firefox, BlackBerry

The year 2013 will see the arrival of several new smartphone operating systems. This article is my first overview to the new arrivals, what do I think of Ubuntu Linux, Firefox, Sailfish or Tizen? Some might think this is ‘too late’ and that the market is ‘already settled’ into the duopoly that is Google’s Android, and Apple’s iOS (according to Strategy Analytics held 92% of the smartphone market in Q4 2012. My estimations have the pair with a little bit less). That may seem reasonable, until you understand the scale of the market and the near future. Smartphones sold a little over 700 million units

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Intel Kills Off MeeGo, Hello Tizen

After Nokia exited the Nokia-Intel alliance, it wasn’t just the matter of hardware but the MeeGo operating system as well. Faced with a radically changed landscape, Intel is now preparing a series of changes to their branding. For starters, the company decided to rebrand the Atom in preparation for the launch of 22nm architecture which parts way with the Atoms of today and is focused on delivering a System-On-Chip design. New branding could be announced as early as CES or MWC 2012, even though we are talking about a 2013 part here. Secondly, Imad Sousou came up with a post on in which he announced


Limited OCZ Cryo-Z run is almost sold out at FrozenCPU

Our friends at X-bitLabs broke the news that OCZ Technology finally started to ship their long-delayed Phase Change Cooler. Naturally, we got quite interested this extreme overclocking-related product from OCZ, so we contacted OCZ’s spokesperson to find out more. Our main question was whether OCZ is shipping a new run or even a new revision of its Cryo-Z phase change cooling solution as may be implied in the afore mentioned article or is OCZ merely clearing out old stock from 2006-2008 production runs and to inquire about availability. Bear in mind that this product raised quite a stir when Editor-in-Chief published a story that OCZ

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ZeniMax Media Acquires id Software

ZeniMax Media Inc., parent company of noted game publisher Bethesda Softworks, today announced it has completed the acquisition of the well known and acclaimed game studio, id Software, who are famous for their game franchises such as DOOM, Quake, Wolfenstein, and their upcoming title, Rage. Bethesda Softworks will in the future publish the titles of id Software once all previous obligations to other publishers have been fulfilled. While I feel that such an acquisition is completely unexpected, I feel that it may be within id’s own benefit to be bought out by another company in order to be able to gain access to more financing


Digital Arnold Schwarzenegger appears in the new Terminator

One of usual sayings is that "the past will come to haunt you". In some ways, past may come back to pay a tribute to. Terminator: Salvation is coming to the movie theaters soon, but this Terminator won’t end without Arnold Schwarzenegger making an almost obligatory appearance. Since the idea was not to show a 62-year old man with quite an impressive posture, but rather the birth of T-800, the director McG decided to deploy a digital version of the character. Unlike the regular CGI jobs, McG got his hands on a Schwarzenegger’s body-cast mold from 1984. Movie makers of the original Terminator made a

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Steam Deck and VR: Everything You Need to Know

One of the most anticipated releases of 2022, Steam Deck allows you to play all of your favorite PC games right in your hands. It combines the portability of a Nintendo Switch with the power of a gaming PC. The significant difference between the two systems? The Switch is a closed system, while the Steam Deck is an open PC connecting any hardware type. So, technically you could use a VR device with it. The challenge is whether or not you’ll get the whole experience. Are VR Devices Compatible With the Steam Deck? As an open PC, you have a lot of flexibility when using

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How Decentraland’s Blockchain Powered Model Illuminates Our Digital Future

Ownership in the digital realm has always been something of a tough nut to crack. That genius tweet you just fired off? It’s a simple copy & paste away from being stolen. Your beautifully edited photography work? Right click, save as. Even for major content providers like movie studios, production companies and publishers, controlling the flow of content proves immensely difficult. The advantage for the content creators selling on the internet, however, is that they’re able to sell their product to whomever they please, free from content restrictions, curation or fees and levies. It’s a level of commercial freedom that has established the internet as

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China starts with AI facial recognition in fighting terrorism

Just a few weeks before Chinese Lunar New Year festivities starts, Chinese authorities decided to take even more precaution measures. The Chinese will be making around 3 billion trips during these days and there is a new high-tech law enforcement tool that will help them feel secure. Facial recognition eyeglasses have already been tested and proven useful in Zhengzhou’s East Railway Station when they helped local police capture seven people connected to major criminal cases, and a further 26 traveling on false documents. The station, one of the busiest in China, has its own police force but it can be hard for an individual policeman to

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New to VR? A beginner’s guide

Virtual reality (VR) produces a computer-generated environment–complete with realistic sights, sounds and other sensations–which a person can explore by wearing a special kind of headset and, in some cases, using certain props. Basically every VR experience will allow the user to feel as though they are in this simulated world and look around it, while more advanced systems allow for movement and interaction. While the ability of VR to provide valuable, realistic experiences without introducing real-world risks has found many fans across various industries (from healthcare to real estate), the most popular types of virtual reality content remain video games, movies and television. For those

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AMD: We are ramping our GPU production

Because of the increasing market demand, AMD said that they are planning to increase production of graphics cards which are currently in short supply. Recently they launched RX Vega GPU that you simply can not buy anymore because of the raising popularity inside of the crypto mining community. AMD admitted that their Radeon cards were also in short supply and said that the “guilty ones” were exactly the mining applications. Therefore, the company promised to increase production and said that they are hoping to satisfy the growing demand without disappointing any of its customers. “The graphics channel is very low, and we are certainly working

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Top 10 AR/VR Stories of 2017

Although 2017 has come and gone, its impact on the augmented/virtual reality industry will undoubtedly be felt for decades to come. While it remains to be seen if 2017 will be recognized as the year AR/VR finally made its first real push into the mainstream, there were a veritable plethora of events that occurred last year that will continue to influence the industry. After substantial contemplation, we have picked what we at VRWorld believe to be the Top Ten VR/AR Stories of 2017. Here they are, counting down from #10: #10 – Pimax 8k First discussed by VRWorld last January, the Pimax 8k would go

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VR used to educate on Australian bushfires

In Australia, authorities have released a VR experience designed to educate citizens about the dangers of bushfires. “Bushfires”, for the non-Aussies out there, are essentially just wildfires. However, most of Australia is covered by forest (the bush), and this, combined with high temperatures, means that bushfires are a very present safety concern for Australians. However, some people may not be experienced with bushfires or know what to do when they happen. To combat this, authorities released a Bushfire Virtual Reality Experience on Facebook to provide a simulated version of a bushfire and to walk viewers through three different scenarios. While you could probably accomplish the

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Virtual Reality Being Used To Rehabilitate Prisoners In Colorado

Just before the turn of the New Year, VICE News visited the Fremont Correctional Facility in Colorado to interview six inmates. These inmates are a part of an early-release program for people who were sentenced as juveniles and have served twenty or more years of their sentence. The length of these sentences, alongside the age of the convicted, means that these inmates may not be prepared to deal with the modern world. Smartphones, for instance, are a staple of modern life. For a teenager convicted in the 80s or 90s, however, devices like that are completely alien. Even less technically-advanced tasks, like doing laundry at

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WeChat Now Issuing ID Cards for Chinese Customers

WeChat, the popular mobile application from Tencent Holdings, is now becoming more indispensable in the daily lives of Chinese consumers under a project that turns it into an official electronic personal identification system. The government of Guangzhou, capital of the southern coastal province of Guangdong started a pilot programme that creates a virtual ID card, which serves the same purpose as the traditional state-issued ID cards, through the WeChat accounts of registered users in the city’s Nansha district.This project will try to prevent online identity thefts. The new WeChat ID card project is supported by the Ministry of Public Security’s Research Institute and other government

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Your Own Purring Robo-Cat Will Take Care Of Old-You

When talking about senior citizens, especially the ones living alone – it’s important to be as empathic as possible. Cats are known as cuddly little creatures, and there are scientific proofs that by just cuddling the cat – you minimize your risk of heart attack. However, as every living creature, cats need to be taken care off. This little kitty doesn’t. An artificially intelligent ‘robo-cat’ that would keep elderly people company, is currently being developed by scientists. That’s the vision of toymaker Hasbro and scientists at Brown University, who have received a three-year, $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation to find ways to add artificial intelligence to

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Samantha “The Sex Robot” Molested by Festival Visitors

Whether Sophia the Robot should wear abaya or not – still has to be decided. However, her sister oponent doesn’t have such problems. Samantha, the sex robot has some serious problems since, at the latest Ars Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria, she was reportedly molested. Her inventor, Sergi Santos, shared that the robot, worth over $4000 “was heavily soiled” by the men. Santos added that two fingers were broken whilst they were mounting Samantha’s breasts, legs and arms, causing her to break down entirely. It seems that now she has to fly out to Barcelona, where she would be cleaned and fixed. Although the body parts were ruined,

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HTC announces arts funding initiative

Yesterday, HTC VIVE announced a new initiative to advance arts and cultural initiatives using VR technology. Called VIVE Arts, this new program will inject millions of dollars into the development of VR installations in collaboration with organizations worldwide. The new program will build upon HTC’s existing arts and cultural institution partnerships, which currently include London’s Royal Academy of Arts, Taipei’s National Palace Museum, Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle (French National Museum of Natural History) in Paris, Washington D.C.’s Newseum, and St. Petersburg’s Hermitage Museum. In addition to being used in on-site VR installations, content developed under the program will be made available in the VIVEPORT app

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Robot Shibuya Mirai Becomes Tokyo Resident

Tokyo, Japan may have just become the first city to officially grant residence to an artificial intelligence (AI). The intelligence’s name is Shibuya Mirai and exists only as a chatbot on the popular Line messaging app. Mirai, which translates to ‘future’ from Japanese, joins Hanson Robotic’s “Sophia” as pioneering AI gaining statuses previously reserved for living, biological entities. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia granted Sophia citizenship last month. The robot, Sophia, took to the stage at a conference in Riyadh this week to express her delight at being given citizenship, which she described as ‘historical. Not everyone is happy with the Sophia’s citizenship, with some describing her as