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ATI and Folding working on F@H 1.2.1: Performance, stability updates

Catalyst 8.12 drivers are set to debut next week, and as you probably know, this is no ordinary update. AMD GPG is bringing its STREAM middleware platform and updated libraries to every user of their GPGPU-enabled products (R520 “Fudo” chip aka Radeon 1800 and newer). As a part of AMD STREAM, ATI will release its own video transcoder for free. Given the limitations and performance that Badaboom has, I wonder did ATI decided to do something more in “formats supported” area. 😉 On the Folding@Home front, there are great expectations from this upcoming driver, especially if you own Radeon 4800 series product. ATI worked hard


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Vadim switches from computers to wines

I just received news from Vadim Chobanu, formerly of Vadim Computers and Blastflow fame. Ever since Vadim Computers went “into administration”, Vadim worked on his Plan B. Sadly for computer enthusiasts, Vadim’s Plan B does not involve computers at all. Exquisite Wine is an e-store featuring fine selection of wines coming from undiscovered countries such as Vadim’s own home country of Moldova. Vadim plans to expand its wine collection featuring many small and exclusive wineries from central and eastern Europe, including Croatia. Vadim assembled a crew of well-known wine specialists such as Dr. Caroline Gilby, and already organizing wine-tasting events lead by Clive Barlow in


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Alleged Core i7 TLB issue is NOT a story at all

Earlier today, the world started to turn around news coming from a fellow website that claimed that ominous TLB-bug stroke Intel’s latest baby, Core i7 series. Transition Lookaside Buffer erratas/bugs are notorious and took financial and reputational tool from Intel and AMD in the past. Hearing news about TLB bugs happening with Core i7 had the potential to become a story of the year, just like AMD lost huge chunk of market confidence 12 months ago with TLB-bug on Barcelona/Agena (Opteron/Phenom). Could it be that Nehalem architecture has a similar flaw? Well, prior to running my story, I decided to read the document in question