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ASUS start selling “Bambooks” – eco-friendly notebooks

ASUS debuted its beautiful Bamboo-clad notebooks at CeBIT 2007 in Han(g)over, Germany. Roughly 21 months later, these notebooks are finally starting to ship worldwide, starting in Taiwan. Bamboo is probably the most ecological piece of material to create IT products from, followed by carbon fiber and aluminum (due to recycling capabilities, with carbon fiber being almost the definite answer, with infinite amount of cycles), and the bamboo tree is the fastest growing grass/tree on planet Earth (roughly 1.2m per 24 hours or 5cm/h or 8mm/min). Bambook is known as ASUS U6V features Core 2 Duo processor, Centrino “1 “(actually, v4.5 but who counts since Intel


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Apple pays the price of popularity

Apple zealots (one class above fanboys) are often hanging to two threads in every discussion that involves the difference between other platforms and their “perfect OS”. These two are engraved into heads of many, but sadly, neither of them is true. Macs don’t have viruses Macs don’t need to defragment the hard disk drive First and foremost, Mac OS X is based upon UNIX operating system (Berkeley Software Distribution or BSD with parts from NetBSD and FreeBSD – all from Nextstep era), thus it is an operating system subject to security vulnerabilities such as viruses, Trojan horses, hacking, brute force cracking and so on. Before


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Sunday Wrap-up: Congratulations to the Top 500 Team

Waking up on Sunday morning is a good feeling (generally ;-). But waking up, taking a shower, having a nice light breakfast and checking statistics that confirm that your Folding@Home team reached Top 500 spot is priceless, as a known credit card commercial would tell. When I launched this F@H team, the goal was to reach Top 1000 by the end of 2008, and the goal for this blog was to reach 50,000 visitors by the end of very same calendar year. First goal was achieved with ease and the updated goal is reached even before December started – the goal for 2009 is to