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Zotac releases affordable DisplayPort cards

Since DisplayPort will be the “Flavor of the year” in 2009, and start to replace DVI and analog D-SUB, more and more companies are joining in with their products that feature this connector. Zotac decided to launch the most affordable cards so far – based on GeForce 9400GT and 9500GT, these boards are targeting those entry-level systems that will be inside those “Christmas special” systems that will be equipped with “displays for 2009”. All in all, interesting parts.


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US economy melted down, but people bought TVs like there’s no tomorrow

If we read the papers and check our wallets, US economy is in deep turmoil, and the ripple effect spans across the globe. But, good to see that consumer confidence is still on a high, since LCD and Plasma TVs market their best quarter in history. You’ve read it correctly. According to a brand new market research report made by DisplaySearch, Americans bought more than 10 million TV units in Q3’08, marking an increaseof 6% QoQ and 12% YoY, beating Q4’07 (record for now). So, economy might be in shambles, but people want to see America’s Got Talent. Most popular screen size is 32″, in



Overclock the DDR2 memory and win serious money in Gigabyte’s challenge

I woke up this morning to an MSN message from Rita (Gigabyte’s marketing lady from the City of Angels, CA), challenging me to join the GigaByte’s “Can You Beat the Pros” competition. The competiton is quite simple – all you need to do is either beat or come close enough to world record in DDR2 memory clock, set by Fugger and Vapor (hint: Fugger is actually on the right, while Vapor is on the left – for those unaware of these legends of overclcok). Actual world record is set at 1508 “MHz” (Megatransfers/second sounds more realistic), or 754 MHz DDR, which brought my memories to