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OCZ Brain-thingie hits $99 for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

One of major obstacles that any new revolutionary technology has to overcome is the question of affordability. Recently, I published my four-months-and-counting experience with the OCZ’s NIA, and in the end of the review, my only advice to OCZ was to target $99 price-point as the magical mark. Earlier today, a good friend of mine from Sacramento pinged me and told me that NIA hit $99 on Newegg after MIR check comes at your door. I went to Newegg and checked it out, and is true – now you can get NIA for $119.99 with a $20.00 check “is in the mail” . Now,


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Sunday wrapup: 10K visitors and two interviews

Have to admit, when I launched blog on October 13th, I had no idea that it will take less than a month to reach more than 10,000 visits to the site. Without any ads or talking around, the site is holding steady between 400 and 600 visitors daily, and the number is continuously growing. This is quite a promising information, and I am glad that more and more of you are coming to this blog – I had some issues with updating this past week, mostly due to relocation of stuff from Mountain House to San Francisco, and later trip to Croatia (flew on Wednesday


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AMD keeps on killing its saviors, continues malicious benchmark practice

When it comes to AMD, this is the one company that is really a talent when it comes to destroying its own golden gooses. Sometimes out of knowledge, sometimes out of pure malice, the company’s heart is far from one that was the core when Colonel Sanders was in charge. The company that Sanders lead was always on the edge, but it was that edge that created AMD K7 and K8 architecture (NexGen), it was the edge that went into sponsorship deal with Ferrari and commanded with 45% of 4P server space (for a while). Reactive AMD was the one that stopped investment in 65nm