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Japan’s ‘Battleship Island’ Soon to be Viewable in 4K HD

Japan’s famous ‘Battleship Island’ has just been swarmed by an army of 4K HD recording drones, all in the name of historical documentation.


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Japan’s Channel 4K Expands

Japan’s test 4K HD broadcast channel, Channel 4K, will be boosting its program schedule next month.


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Sharp Develops 4K HD CMOS Image Sensor for Mobile Devices

Sharp has unveiled a new image sensor for 4K HD video recording. The new CMOS image sensor is designed for shooting video at 4K and has a resolution of 12-megapixels, with each pixel having a size of 3.1 x 3.1 micrometers. The pixel size, combined with a sensitivity level of 1.42 V/lux-sec, was achieved using Sharp’s own proprietary image cell technology. The sensor is capable of recording 4K or 2K video at 60 fps. Power consumption rate is at a mere 420 microwatts, allowing the sensor to considerably reduce image noise due to heat. Specialty-wise, the new CMOS image sensor is more geared for darker