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2016 Olympics Feature 85 hours of Virtual Reality Coverage

August 5, 2016 is the opening date for the 31st Summer Olympic Games. Taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, the “Rio Olympics” will mark a major technological breakthrough, by changing the number of channels offered to the broadcasters and ultimately, the global audience. The opening event will be broadcast in Full HD, 8K “Super-Hi Vision” and Virtual Reality (i.e. 360 degree stereoscopic video). Regardless of the format, the Olympics will be shot and reformatted using HDR (High Dynamic Range). Sadly, 8K Super-Hi Vision is only limited to Japan, while the regular TV viewers will only get 1080p, Full HD video. Owners of VR glasses will be able to watch


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YouTube Says: 8K is Future, Launches Video Format Support

In the entertainment industry, general consensus around “4K” is that the file format is what 720p and 1080i were before Full HD appeared. For the industry, adoption of 8K video format will be the key towards ‘glassless 3D’ concept, as demonstrated by Toshiba, Sharp and Panasonic on CES. While last weeks’ Computex Taipei and next week’s E3 in Los Angeles will be dominated by 1080p (Full HD) and 4K (Ultra HD), we had the privilege of working with display manufacturers on next generation of displays. 8K is poised to become your reality, to be followed by 10K, 12K and even 16K. Your windows to digital


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Embedded DisplayPort Standard 1.4a Supports 8K, AMD FreeSync

The latest eDP standard will allow your mobile to drive an 8K screen.


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3 Things That Mattered The Most at CES 2015

These three things defined CES 2015.



Special Report: All Eyes on 4K

VR World’s special report on 4K and its challenges in reaching the market.


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First Volume Production 8K-Class Quad UHD LCD Panel Comes Out of Beijing

Not satisfied with 4K, and wanting to go beyond to show your SLR photos in their full glory? Well, the answer to your wishes doesn’t come from Japan or Korea this time, but from Middle Kingdom. Beijing Oriental (BOE), the other leading Chinese LCD panel fab besides TCL’s CSOT in Shenzhen, has just unveiled its 98-inch 7680×4320 panel series, the HV098XXX. The 32 Megapixel monster, with 2.23 x 1.30 metre dimensions and 14 cm depth requirement, would easily fill many company conference rooms, not to mention premium home theatres. It would make showing off huge photorealistic city models down to every window or potted plant


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Star Citizen's Arena Commander Module Delayed Due to Bugs

Star Citizen

Star Citizen’s Arena Commander dogfighting module was due to be out today, but was delayed due to bugs, making some gamers uneasy about their backing of the game. Star Citizen is a project of Chris Roberts of Wing Commander fame and has managed to gain over $44 million in funding from backers of the game, making it the biggest crowd funded game, ever. Here’s a short video that explains the game and what they’re trying to accomplish by creating this game. their development path essentially releases the game in modules, moving from one aspect of the game to another, ultimately building up to the final