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Rumor: Apple’s Upcoming ‘A10’ is a Sexa-core Processor?

According to a rumor, Apple’s next processor should bear the name ‘A10’ and it may come with as much as six-cores. It would be manufactured using a 14 nanometer production process and it would be produced by either Samsung in Texas or TMSC in Taiwan. Original rumor mentioned 10nm process node, but that just goes to show that original source should be taken with a kilogram of sea salt on its tail. These two companies would be competing for orders, the Weibo source said. We can get behind the naming, but the rest seems a bit off as Apple is not a company known for doing major internal hardware changes.


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A Look At The New AMD A10 7800 APU

A10 7800, a new locked FM2+ APU. This new APU from AMD has 12 compute cores split between 4 CPU and 8 GPU. The Kaveri cores are clocked at 3.5GHz it can go up to a 3.9GHz with Turbo, and the GPU clock speed is 720MHz. The APU has a TDP of 65W making this a great choice for those wanting to build an energy efficient build. These would be well suited to a HTPC or entry level build. Today the 7800 will be put through its paces and see how it performs. Test System AMD A10 7800 MSI A88X G45-GAMING Team Vulcan DDR3 2400 2x8GB Mushkin