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Marry the Man of Your Dreams Through VR

Virtual romantic avatars for men and women were on display at the 2017 edition of Tokyo Game Show, Reuters stated. Director Taro Kambe commented enthusiastically for Asahi daily magazine whilst checking a scene from his first video made using VR technology: “I have directed hundreds of adult videos but it was my first virtual reality movie.” You can check the Taro Kambe’s photo gallery at IndiaTimes. Japan, always an early adopter market of any new technology, is currently the second biggest market (behind the United States of course) for virtual reality headsets and games. For this reason, both the gaming and the adult movie industry


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NSFW: Miss Nanai Moans in English

From the dawn of entertainment, the destiny of standards was often taken in hand by the Adult Entertainment industry. While frowned up in the West, several countries in the Far East have a much more relaxed attitude towards such forms of entertainment. That is probably due to the fact that they’re a highly regulated industry – more so than alcohol and tobacco, for example. Just like VHS, DVD and the online content streaming, adult entertainment is making inroads into Virtual Reality, with one of leading publishers launching their content in English. VRJCC is a Japan based indie group that produced “Let’s Play With Nanai!” claiming to


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Holofilm Productions Launches VR Porn Website

For as long as there was technology, adult entertainment industry, or ‘porn’ for short often adopted new technologies faster than the regular mainstream market. VHS vs. Beta war in 1980s was won when Sony refused to allow porn industry to shoot on Beta, companies behind HD-DVD and Blu-ray both rallied against the porn – only to have adult industry resorting to online streaming and ultimately leaving the physical medium to history. When it comes to Virtual Reality, one of biggest challenges is how to record the content and avoid motion sickness, where your VR experience turns nauseating. Adult entertainment production company HoloFilm Productions developed a new path called NoSick(TM). So