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Advrty Designing Non-intrusive Advertising and Product Placement Platform

Advrty, a Swedish-based pioneer of disruptive advertising wants to offer a new avenue of monetization for virtual reality developers, which doesn’t involve full Field-of-View pop-up ads, according to Instead, it’s a software overlay, advertising platform aimed toward designing and incorporating non-intrusive product placement. It’s still in beta. “Initially, think billboards, posters and product placements using images or video,” said CEO and co-founder Niklas Bakos. He also added that the most important thing is not to break immersion. Bakos said that their technology will be able to track where users are looking and what they’re interacting with. It is true that VR is bringing a


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CES Tries to Turn Gamers into Book Worms

CES, the consumer electronics show, commonly thought of as a showcase for hardware, games, TV’s, and techie gadgets hopes to appeal to the intellectual’s mind this January. One of the big events at CES 2015 is Gary’s Book Club. Gary Shapiro, the President and CEO of CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) is featuring two of his own New York Times best sellers and one book by CEA’s Chief Economist, Shawn DuBravac, Ph.D. Several other authors will appear discussing their works which will be for sale through Barnes and Noble and autograph-ready on site. All the books are hefty reading material. The titles of the three featured


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Virgin America Launches 6-Hour Ad Campaign

virgin america

In an act of sheer marketing brilliance (or insanity), Virgin America produced a new video that takes you on a boring journey from Newark (EWR) to San Francisco (SFO) – in real time. During this grueling 6-hour adventure, VA maddeningly illustrates the cross-country trek that economy flyers experience when travelling from East to West. With American airline companies financially struggling over the past decade, domestic flights are becoming less pleasant to endure, especially if you’re on a budget. Unfortunately, entertainment and comfort are seen more as line item luxuries that force loyalty, rather than encourage it. All of our planes come standard with windows, armrests, reading lights, and rear-­mounted magazine pouches. #amenities #winning — BLAH


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Samsung Bashes Apple Where It Hurts, in New Ad

Galaxy Mega

As Samsung always does, sometimes very well and sometimes horrifically, they like to advertise their products. It has without a doubt had a massive impact on the company’s image and virtually turned all Android smartphones and smartwatches into Samsung devices in the eyes of the layman. Most people nowadays just decide between two brands for the most part, Samsung or Apple. Sure, it makes things easier and there are plenty of other phones out there, like HTC’s One M8, but that doesn’t change the fact that most people think in a binary nature. So, it comes as no surprise that Samsung followed up one of